Preventative Maintenance Ensures the Accuracy of Your ROMER Absolute Arm

A portable measuring arm is an incredible asset that allows parts manufacturers to take measurements directly in the manufacturing environment. Performing regular preventative maintenance on a portable arm not only ensures proper performance and precise measurements, but protects the long-term investment in the device as well.

When it comes to servicing a portable arm, a certification signifies that the arm performs as designed and no further adjustments are required. Calibration involves making adjustments to improve the arm’s accuracy, and is performed using our proprietary software compensation. A more actively used portable arm requires shorter calibration intervals than an arm that is rarely used. And an arm used in harsh or uncontrolled environments requires more calibrations than one used in controlled environments.

The calibration history of a portable arm can reveal how often it should be sent for servicing. If it is sent in yearly, and found to be within specification requiring no adjustments, then it’s possible to extend the calibration interval to 24 months.

While proactive servicing is suggested to ensure superior functioning of the ROMER Absolute Arm, it’s crucial to only trust your investment with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence – not a third-party company. While third-party alternatives may offer certifications, they cannot make any adjustments, and rely on non-approved methods to make calibration recommendations.

Here in North America, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence provides preventative maintenance and calibration by factory trained technicians in our state-of-the-art Calibration Lab located in Wixom, MI. We’ve developed proprietary technology to calibrate our portable measuring arms to their original OEM specifications for precise measurements. All calibrations are ISO 17025 accredited to demonstrate quality, technical competence, and the ability to generate technically valid results. Calibrations include ‘as received’ and ‘as shipped’ data, and ensures adherence to ISO audits. My colleagues in Hexagon service teams around the world are also able to offer calibration services to specific local and international standards.

By regularly maintaining your portable measuring arm you can avoid costly repairs over the long-run. Only Hexagon has the ability to expertly service your device so that it reliably provides accurate measurements.

To learn more about the service and support we provide, please visit our service and support page today!


  • Mike Blake

    Mike Blake has worked in the metrology industry for almost 30 years. He began his career building CMMs at DEA and became a quality manager in 1996. Mike first began working at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence North America in 2005, becoming the Portable Arm Service Manager in 2012. Upon starting, his first priority was to get Portable Arm Service ISO 17025 Accredited for Calibrations. Accreditation was achieved and the North America team perform all portable arms service in our state-of-the-art calibration lab in Wixom, MI.

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