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Are you ready to take your machine shop to the next level? Looking for insight to shape your transformation? Hexagon’s industry experts have created a comprehensive guide to help you on your journey to machine shop excellence.

Right now, change dominates the landscape for machine shops. Success depends on the ability to adapt and thrive. No matter the challenge whether it stems from the industry, customer, supply chain or your own production – agility is the solution.

To help machine shops develop a strategy for success, we created the Machine Shop Excellence ebook to share valuable insights and actionable tips to kickstart your transformation .

  • Developing the resilience to thrive in times of change

Now is a time of revitalisation for machine shops. Across our segment, companies are looking to the future, trying new ideas, adopting new approaches and embracing the potential of technology.

Innovation is in the DNA of manufacturing. Evidence of it exists everywhere we look. Right now though, innovation is on a trajectory never previously witnessed – with new products and ideas sometimes entirely reshaping industries.

Technology is an enabler and an accelerator. Embracing new technologies and automating manual processes to empower staff is a proven route to success for machine shops. It gives your business the visibility needed to reach the state of perpetual innovation you need to run lean and maximise profit.

By taking a big picture, long-term view of operations and looking at your end-to-end needs in line with customer opportunities – it’s possible to map out a technology plan that builds from where you are now to the future. Along the way, you will solve swathes of common problems that are currently a time drain, while gaining incredible new capabilities.

  • Data – the knowledge you need to innovate and evolve

For some, digitisation may already be a reality – for many though, manual processes likely dominate and existing technology dictates the progress pathways machine shops can take.

Modern equipment generates data that is invaluable, not just because it can solve the day-to-day issues we face, but because it can inform how we improve the end-to-end process. Each piece of data generating equipment gives us another piece of the puzzle.

The more data we have from the end-to-end process, the more we can use it to iterate, innovate, optimise and refine. The more we can use it to delight customers. The more we delight customers the more orders we get. It really is that simple.

  • Developing a technology vision for machine shop transformation

Solving challenges requires information. Information depends on data. Data is the result of connected technology. Connected technology unlocks business level agility.

Technology is central to any future vision you hold for your machine shop. But we know that change has to be incremental, that legacy technology investment needs to be maximised and that budgets can be tight.

We developed the Machine Shop Excellence insight report to help you kickstart change from where you are right now.

Siloed systems and processes are common. This means we are generating pockets of data that we cannot act or expand on. Developing the right technology stack for your own specific end-to-end process is key. By digitising the end-to-end process, we create a full picture of data that can be acted on, eliminating places for problems to hide.

The challenge our experts help you to solve in our ebook, is how to move from a system of disconnected point solutions to a curated mix of open hardware and software that gives your business the agility to go above and beyond for customers, securing repeat orders and growing from a place of strength.

Machine Shop Excellence lays out a realistic roadmap to transformation. It shares actionable advice that will help you get started with digitisation, transformation, technology and modernisation.

  • 7 steps to transformation – start now

Our Machine Shop Excellence eBook has been created by our experts to help you develop the right technology stack and evolve with strategy. It provides an actionable roadmap for you digital transformation.

Broken into 7 simple action steps that specifically align with your KPI’s and processes, it will help you unlock transformative new capabilities while laying the foundations for an incredible tomorrow.

Whether you’re just beginning your digital journey or looking to enhance existing processes, our ebook and is the definitive resource to accelerate your progress.

Download the report and start your transformation today.



  • Jason Walker

    Jason Walker joined Hexagon in 2015, and now leads General Manufacturing Practice Lead as VP at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. As a seasoned manufacturing industry professional, he is passionate about driving business success through innovative technology solutions and is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of manufacturing organisations through technology and data. With two decades of experience working with leading organisations and supply chains, Jason specialises in simplifying complex problems, improving efficiency, and helping organisations achieve manufacturing excellence.

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