Grab the biggest opportunity that exists in manufacturing

The future of manufacturing rests on our ability to harness technology and empower people, yet 97% of manufacturers are today experiencing collaboration challenges and approximately 6/10 manufacturers experience three or more issues implementing automation.

Hexagon’s Advanced Manufacturing Report provided us with a unique window into the world of technology adoption and transformation strategy. It laid bare the state of collaboration and scale of automation integration issues.

It is now essential for our industry to flip this. Harnessing the potential of seamless collaboration and advanced automation genuinely promises to help manufacturers redefine making. To help businesses across the manufacturing landscape do exactly this, we created the Collaborate + Automate ebook to help you unleash the multiplier effect across your business.

Many questions obscure the path forwards. How do we streamline collaboration in a part-analogue, part-digital era? How can AI and ML be used to deliver generative, rather than repetitive, capabilities? Where are others going wrong? And how do we create a strategy that delivers untapped potential?

This report exists to help you answer these questions. Created by Hexagon’s team of manufacturing specialists we examine the state of data, technology adoption plans and share actionable advice that will help you unlock new capabilities by leveraging collaboration and automation.

Addressing manufacturing collaboration challenges

Collaboration spans the entire value chain and touches on everything from idea to customer. Data is deeply rooted here, but this is much more than a data problem. It’s a problem exacerbated by the way we work, the tools we use, the solutions we have to hand and on a human level – how peers interact to solve challenges. Many manufacturers’ problems today are rooted in collaboration challenges.

Overcoming barriers to automation integration

Automation offers huge potential gains to manufacturers and promises to augment human ideas and potential, but progress here is also marked by challenges. 35% of our sector flag ‘underutilisation of automation for tedious or unnecessary tasks’ as an issue, 34% report ‘poor integration of automated technology’ and 32% say that ‘outdated, ineffective or manual processes’ are a barrier to collaboration.

In the automation context, AI and machine learning are changing the landscape, shifting capabilities from repetitive to generative, creating a circular insight loop and opening new avenues for innovation.

Get automation right and it offers manufacturers a quick route to solving challenges, gaining new capabilities and increasing business agility.

Your step-by-step guide to manufacturing transformation

Hexagon’s Collaborate + Automate ebook will help you to harness untapped potential. Taking you through the essential steps, we show you how to put data to work, achieve seamless collaboration and integrate automated technology with confidence.

Offering practical solutions to every challenge, the resource provides an actionable step-by-step guide that will accelerate your business strategy and technology planning.

Build the plan your business needs and unlock new capabilities by leveraging the power of collaboration and automation.

Download the report and start your transformation today.


  • Stephen Graham

    Stephen Graham is Executive Vice President and General Manager of Nexus. He worked for over 25 years in the technology industry before joining Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence Division as Vice President of Marketing in 2017. More recently he led the Metrology and Production Software Business Unit before being part of the founding team for Nexus – our new cloud platform for digital engineering and manufacturing – which he now leads.

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