Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Champions Local Services for Customers

In the blog post Using Partners to Provide Additional Training and Support to Canada, I wrote about how we utilize ourChannel Partner Network to provide additional training and support to our Canadian customers. But did you know that Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence also offers advanced local manufacturing support services around the world?

Here in Canada, not only do we offer local training and support through our channel partners, Canadian Measurement-metrology (CMM) and Amrikart, but we also have dedicated support specialists ready to assist you at your manufacturing and engineering facilities.

Hexagon’s advanced manufacturing support offerings include:

  • Contract Application Routine Planning: These services can be performed at your facility or ours. We can program offline at our facility, even without a part, ensuring that you stay ahead of the competition. Alternatively, we can visit your facility and use your machines for additional customization to your specific needs.
  • Contract Inspection: As a service-oriented company providing dimensional inspection and quality inspection consulting services, we offer solutions to all types of industries and for all types of tools, fixtures and assemblies. Our state-of-the-art mobile equipment allows us to perform quick and accurate inspections at your facility, or at one of our solution centers.
  • Online, In-House or Classroom Training: Keeping your skills sharp is essential in today’s advanced manufacturing sector, and we have programs tailored for everyone’s learning needs. Whether you like to learn online, in a classroom, or hands on in your facility, Hexagon has the tools to match your desired experience. If you are new to metrology or just need a refresher, we have a class for you.
  • Rental Program: Looking to test new equipment before purchasing, or exploring a more cost-effective measurement solution? Our certified measurement equipment delivers quality direct from the manufacturer. When you rent from Hexagon, you receive the latest equipment without the responsibility for maintenance or calibration, plus access to support and optional training.
  • Technical Support and Service: If you are having difficulties, the chances are that some of our other customers have experienced something similar. The support portal is where you can submit a ticket request, find troubleshooting articles, and more. Our technical support team is dedicatedto keeping your measurement equipment utilized with 100% uptime.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has a worldwide commitment to providing local services. This means that as advanced manufacturing continues to grow in Canada, we will be there to provide the tools needed to help fabricators be more successful in their industries. We will continue these efforts by providing expert service to our customers, ensuring that you have the right solution for your business. Our local teams are on hand to help, so contact customer support to discuss your service requirements.

To learn more about how Hexagon supports customers, check out the Service and Support section of our website. To find out more about the products that we offer, view our full product offering.


  • David Hill

    David Hill is the Canadian Sales Manager for Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. David started his career with Hexagon in September 2012 focusing on non-contact blue light measurement. With over 15 years of industrial experience, David has gained industry knowledge based on his exposure to all levels of measurement systems and their respective software platforms. His extensive background knowledge using blue light technology in process and die development, slow builds and root cause analysis led him to his new role at Hexagon, providing best-in-class manufacturing solutions to Canadian companies.

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