Using Partners to Provide Additional Training and Support to Canada

Canada is renowned for its many attributes: beautiful lakes, mountains, a variety of wildlife and, of course, a rich legacy of hockey champions. But did you know it is also recognized for its manufacturing? In fact, the province of Montreal is rated 3 in the world for aerospace manufacturing. To stay ahead in a fast-paced industry, many Canadian customers rely on equipment and expert knowledge from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence to help them succeed. In this post, I want to look at how we are supporting them to help quality drive productivity.

Advanced manufacturing requires a rapid and responsive support network. To reach and support aerospace and other manufacturing facilities across Canada, Hexagon relies on its Channel Partner Network. Let me introduce our partners in Canada, and how we work with them to help support you.

Canadian Measurement-metrology (CMM) Inc.
CMM is an independent measurement solutions provider located in Mississauga, Ontario. Its services range from the supply of new and used equipment to training and support services. As an integrated partner, Canadian Measurement-metrology offers certified portable and software training to our customers located in the area.

Our latest Canadian partnership with Amrikart offers strong local support for our Montreal customers. Amrikart is a solutions provider dedicated to bringing together advanced instruments that offer exceptional precision. To do this, Amrikart works with its partners to design, develop and adapt innovative, user-friendly metrology solutions.

Hosted Events
To provide Canadian manufacturers with information on the latest technology designed to drive manufacturing productivity, wework with our partners and associations to host special events throughout the year.

Knowledge Tour
In November 2016, we worked with our partner Canadian Measurement-metrology to host a knowledge tour located in Windsor, Ontario. The knowledge tour allowed users to see the latest and greatest in portable metrology, as well as network and speak with Hexagon product experts. Attendees experienced new technologies like the AICON PrimeScan and AICON StereoScan neo, Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 and Leica Absolute Tracker AT403 and the 77 Series ROMER Absolute Arm.

HxGN LOCAL Montreal
This year, we will be hosting a first ever HxGN LOCAL Montreal event with our newest integrated partner Amrikart on 28-30 March 2017. Attendees will see some of the most innovative technologies in the industrial measurement world and get to talk one-on-one with industry experts to make their business more efficient and globally competitive. They will experience a full program of company and Hexagon product presentations, including in-depth product presentations and a corporate overview. Visitors will have the opportunity see live demonstrations of portable metrology solutions and inspection software applied to industrial components. Other products on display will include GLOBAL S HTA (High Throughput Accuracy) and the Optiv Classic 321 optical measuring system.

Canadian Machine Tool Show
Located at booth 1737, Hexagon will be showcasing cutting-edge manufacturing intelligence solutions engineered to drive productivity. The Canadian Machine Tool Show, set for 25-28 September 2017, offers a diverse mix of live technology on display, plus unrivaled keynote speakers, panel discussions and technical sessions.

Sensing, Thinking, Acting

Manufacturing in North America is at a pivotal moment in history, where global markets, labor, the global economy and automation are colliding to create an exciting, if uncertain, path forward. By partnering with respected Canadian leaders respected for their ability to deliver efficient quality manufacturing processes, the combination of world-class manufacturing intelligence solutions delivers a powerful combination for Canadian manufacturers. Hexagon is proud to offer this strong synergy of technology and know-how to our neighbors to the north.

As advanced manufacturing continues to grow in Canada, Hexagon will be there to provide the tools needed to help fabricators be more effective in their industries. We will continue these efforts by providing local expert service to our customers, ensuring that they have the right solution for their business.


  • David Hill

    David Hill is the Canadian Sales Manager for Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. David started his career with Hexagon in September 2012 focusing on non-contact blue light measurement. With over 15 years of industrial experience, David has gained industry knowledge based on his exposure to all levels of measurement systems and their respective software platforms. His extensive background knowledge using blue light technology in process and die development, slow builds and root cause analysis led him to his new role at Hexagon, providing best-in-class manufacturing solutions to Canadian companies.

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