Four Reasons HxGN LIVE Sponsors Return Each Year

In today’s highly connected world, there are a multitude of ways for manufacturing solution providers to connect with their customers and develop potential prospects. And yet a well-designed and targeted industry event still stands out as something special.

For me, it’s about the unique combination of opportunities that you only get by creating an inspiring environment and bringing together passionate professionals, all seeking out knowledge, experts to consult with, and solutions to solve their challenges and drive their business. Solution providers play a crucial role in ensuring attendees get what they came for.

Between 11-14 June 2019, 3 500+ professionals, including decision-makersin design and engineering, production, and metrology, will descend on Las Vegas for HxGN LIVE 2019. Here are just four reasons why manufacturing technology providers should sponsor the event for the chance to meet with them.

1. Build Profitable Relationships

HxGN LIVE isn’t any ordinary networking event.Your potential customers are spending four days being galvanized by thought leadership. They are searching for solutions in The Zone, 120 000 square feet of technology that could hold the answer to their daily challenges. They are transforming their thinking in interactive workshops, wanting answers from technology experts.

From the morning’s training sessions through to the evening’s exciting events, HxGN LIVE is all about engagement. With a Bronze, Silver, or Gold sponsorship package, you get full conference access, giving you more time to build meaningful relationships with attendees in an environment designed to maximize engagement. Sponsorship gives you an unmissable opportunity to showcase the expertise and solutions that are crucial to making long-lasting connections that count.

It’s a great opportunity to meet with clients, generate new leads and engage with the Hexagon team.

– David Curry, Principal Engineer, EDEM

2. Increase Sales Opportunities

The levels of engagement created by HxGN LIVE can directly impact your ROI.

An Event Marketing Institute survey found that 74% of consumers say they are more likely to buy promoted products when engaging with branded event marketing. That’s why HxGN LIVE is a unique opportunity: you have access to the exact audience who you want to experience the combined force of your sales, marketing, and technology – crucially, when you’re most likely to deliver results.

Of course, attendees want to know how solutions can help their organization specifically; face-to-face interactions just can’t be beaten for demonstrating relevance and communicating trust. And when these meetings take place at an event that inspires action, problem-solving, and collaboration, the potential of face-to-face is raised to a whole new level.

3. Drive Brand Awareness

Your company’s sheer presence at an industry event is good for brand awareness. Besides getting your name out there, it says “We’re here. We have solutions. We believe in them. And we’re ready to help.” HxGN LIVE attendees are passionate about their work and industry; the fact you’re investing time and money here communicates your brand’s affiliation with their values and creates the potential for meaningful discussion.

And when you start making those connections, that’s when the real buzz around your brand begins, whether you educate and inform attendees about your solutions with interactive demonstrations or get conversations going to showcase your expertise on the industry or the many talking points of the conference.

Plus, you’re not only reaching the 3 500+ professionals in attendance. With 39 press and media representatives at the event and over 55 500 HxGN TV viewers in 90 different countries watching videos from the conference, there’s a chance your brand will be seen long after your solutions have been packed away at The Venetian.

The HxGN LIVE Sponsorship Prospectus 2019 explores multiple ways to increase your brand presence at the event, included web-based banner ads, branded coffee break signage, and more.

4. Get Access to the Entire Hexagon Portfolio

Those of you that know Hexagon understand the diversity of their entire offering and this conference really gives us an opportunity to expose our part of that offering to the entire world.
                                                                                                                                 – Troy Robins, Account Manager and Application Specialist, Suburban Manufacturing Group

The Zone is filled with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence technology, from demonstrations of CAE software, through automated production cells, to 3D laser scanners. But HxGN LIVE covers the full range of solutions from all Hexagon divisions, so you’ll get the unique chance to meet knowledgeable professionals from a variety of fields and discover exciting new technology synergies.

This blog is just a taste of why HxGN LIVE can be such a beneficial event for everyone in attendance.

It only comes around once a year, so why not find out more about what you could achieve by sponsoring HxGN LIVE. Visit the sponsorship page to learn more or send us a quick sponsorship inquiry and we’ll be in touch.


  • Bridget Benedetti

    Bridget Benedetti is Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s Director Marketing and Customer Experience, North America. Ms. Benedetti is the Senior Management lead for the North America marketing team. She manages branding, inbound and outbound marketing, website development, public relations, digital and traditional media, plus tradeshow and event management for the North America region. In addition, Benedetti leads the Business Development Representative (BDR) team, where she drives new business opportunities, qualifies sales leads, and identifies new North American markets for Hexagon products. Prior to working at Hexagon, Benedetti's career included roles in sales, e-business, and business development. Bridget Benedetti holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Providence College.

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