Continuous Improvement: Adding Value Through New Training Courses

One of the main reasons that customers work with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is because their businesses need to make continuous improvements. But this isn’t just about equipment and processes; it’s alsoabout user skills and knowledge, which is why we provide comprehensive metrology training services in numerous locations around the world to help operators at all levels improve their skills and stay ahead of the game.

For example, as the ROMER Absolute Arm user base grows, so must the depth of training resources available for our customers. As part of our ongoing efforts to add valuefor our portable measuring arms users here in North America, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new portable arms training course with PC-DMIS. Evolvingfrom the advanced PC-DMIS training offered through our coordinate measuring machine (CMM) courses, we carefully crafted our new course for advanced ROMER Absolute Arm users: PC-DMIS for Arms 201.

The new course is a three-day advanced portable training class, taught in Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligencesolution centers across the United States. The course will increase the students’ proficiency with the PC-DMIS Portable software environment, and in doingso, improve their measurement techniques and programming skills. The course is designed for Portable Arm Users who have attended the Arms for PC-DMIS 101 course, and have had a minimum of 40 hours of hands-on inspection time with the ROMERAbsolute Arm and PC-DMIS. Put your skills to the test by taking this self-evaluation to determine if you are ready for PC-DMIS for Arms 201.


Key topics covered in the course include advanced alignments, contact probe scanning, and expansionon GD&T callouts to name but a few.

The course has been formatted and published as a classroom course that customers in North America can book on our online educational website, Nexus Academy. was implemented in 2013, and has since grown into a website with 12,000+ users and over 60 classroom and e-learning courses. Courses include everything from fundamental hardware courses to advanced programming courses. A key to the success of the training is that for every software/hardware release, we update our training material to include the latest enchantments and functionalities. Students who attend classroom training also receive online access to the training course materials, quizzes, and videos.

To request information about training in your region, please contact your local representative.



  • Emily O’Dea

    Emily O’Dea is the Applications Business Process Manager at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence North America. In this role, Emily is responsible for developing and streamlining processes to ensure best-in-class customer training and application services. In addition, she manages the portable equipment rental business. She joined the company as an application engineer in 2008 specialising in laser trackers and was an application manager for 5 years before starting her current position.

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