Shaping Smart Change: How We Got Here and Where We’re Heading

In today’s world, technology advances so rapidly that it can sometimes feel like better tomorrows arrive sooner than we can dream them. By the same token, the technologies of tomorrow quickly become yesterday’s stepping stone to the next innovation. Our needs and wants shape technological innovation, and in turn technological innovations shape our needs, wants and our expectations of what is possible.

How has this affected manufacturing? Namely with considerable pressures to increase productivity and customisation while improving quality and cutting costs. These pressures require change – smart change, where quality is part of a seamless closed-loop process, replacing siloed departments with highly-connected factories. This month marks two years since we announced our transformation from Hexagon metrology into Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, where we are leading the charge for change that closes the gap between what is and what should be for manufacturing operations.

In the keynote address at HxGN LIVE 2015 Hong Kong, over 1 500 people watched Norbert Hanke, President of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, start a new chapter in our story. Guiding us through 200 years of metrological progress, he explained how we are building on our heritage to shape what lies ahead for Hexagon and our customers: a range of software-centric solutions enabling data-rich decision-making to increase quality, improve throughput, and reduce costs.

That was the big idea two years ago, so how has it taken shape?

Hexagon continues to expand its expertise in a range of areas to work towards the vision of truly integrated solutions for smart factories. A number of recent acquisitions bring a variety of technology solutions into the Hexagon offering, including:

  • Forming Technologies Inc. (FTI), software for the design and costing of sheet metal components, optimised to cut costs and development time
  • FASys, manufacturing software solutions including DIN 4000/4003-based tool and resource management, and the integration of presetting and CNC machines (DNC)
  • MSC Software, a CAE and simulation specialist that spans industries to help engineers optimise product and engineering designs using virtual prototypes
  • VIRES, software supporting the development of driver-assisted and autonomous driving technology
  • eMMA, a suite of dimensional data management, quality planning and analytics software enabling OEMs and suppliers to analyse dimensional information from various stages of the product lifecycle

This just scratches the surface of the exciting ways that Hexagon is shaping smart change in manufacturing; you can stay up to date with the latest developments via a number of outlets.

But when looking to the shape of the future it sometimes can help to look back. Watch Norbert Hanke’s keynote address below, as he explores the evolution of the Hexagon brand and anticipates how we are working towards our vision.

You can also hear from Al Peas land of Red Bull Racing, as he explains how constant change and innovation is at the heart of the company’s competitiveness and how partnering with Hexagon drives speed and confidence in its cars.


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