Shape Your Knowledge at HxGN LIVE 2018

Benjamin Franklin, a life-long learner, said, “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

What did his return on investment look like? Well, in 86 years he became an author, scientist, diplomat, civic activist, publisher, inventor, political theorist… and somehow he found time to help found the United States of America!

If Franklin’s education had ended when he left school at age 10, how would this have affected the creation of the US constitution, the invention of bifocals, the charting of the gulf stream, or the numerous other theories and discoveries influenced by his expertise? Because of his unyielding pursuit of knowledge, Franklin still shapes our world 200+ years after his death.

Granted, we can’t all be one of history’s most renowned polymaths, but Franklin is testament to how knowledge yields unprecedented opportunities to transform ourselves and industries in ways we can’t yet imagine.

In this sense, knowledge acts upon us, but we direct these opportunities towards our goals when we choose our resources and actively shape our knowledge. This idea is a cornerstone of Hexagon’s premier annual event HxGN LIVE, which returns to Las Vegas in June 2018 with a range of training courses. Alongside inspiring talks and the opportunity to knowledge-share with 3 500 professionals, these interactive sessions aim to innovate thinking and equip attendees with skills and knowledge to take back to their organisation, helping to overcome daily operational challenges and drive real change and productivity.

The PC-DMIS Master Class will return, as we explore workflow optimisation strategies and evolving GD&T standards, with workstations for instructor-led lab exercises.

In a scenario-based workshop, Process Planning for Transfer & Progressive Dies will bolster attendee understanding of the fundamentals of processing a part, as well as developing strategising skills.

Two courses will enhance professionals’ knowledge of stampings. The fundamentals of Estimating Stampings & Engineering Changes will be covered, providing examples, methods and formulas for determining piece prices and material requirements. Attendees can also expand their understanding of the applications, benefits and guidelines of Advanced Stamping Materials, with advice on die maintenance, manufacturing and welding in part design.

We will be hosting a number of courses from the Hexagon-owned CAE solutions specialist MSC Software:

  • Using Simulation for First-Time-Right Additive Manufacturing, to examine how designers can predict distortion and residual stresses in a part and engineers can compensate to ensure part quality first time using products from Hexagon-owned CAE solution specialist MSC.
  • What’s New in Apex Harris Hawk, exploring how to analyse designs quickly with MSC’s new fully-integrated structural analysis solution for virtual product development.
  • Simulating Autonomous Vehicles, looking at how users can reduce time and waste in 3D printing processes with Simufact Additive and Digimat Additive tools.

Attendees will have their questions answered at the Genius Bar, where they can meet Hexagon experts and discuss in detail any of their design or manufacturing challenges.

How might knowledge shape you and your organisation? Find out by joining us in Las Vegas, Nevada 12-15 June for HxGN LIVE 2018. Click here to find out more about the Manufacturing Intelligence track or register for this one a kind opportunity to enhance your industry knowledge. Register before 30 April to take advantage of the Act Fast Rate of just $849.


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