How does the I++ Simulator differ from conventional dimensional metrology simulation software and what are the advantages?

The concept of the I++ Simulator approach is very different from the current simulation functions in other manufacturers’ proprietary measurement software. I++ Simulator makes virtual coordinate measurement technology possible, similar to the virtual commissioning of automation systems in equipment simulation.

The virtual scenario enables 3D visualisation of the entire process, including measuring and peripheral equipment like automatic pallet systems and robots. Machines and equipment can be controlled by control and part programs, whilst users can interact with thisvirtual world to teach movement paths or align workpieces. Offline programming is performed just the same as on a ‘real’ machine, but without the process downtime normally associated with setup and programming.

Thekey benefits? Well, simulation frees users from the stranglehold of manufacturing cycles as the physical part and measuring machine are not required. Simulated measurements make identification of errors and collisions possible. Accessibility and critical conditions can be tested and conclusions about correction parameters for the measurement process drawn and verified. Time-consuming run-in of new programs is no longer necessary.

Unlike conventional metrology simulation software, the I++ Simulator allows application engineers to fully prepare both measuring and robotic equipment programs accurately and without the risk of collisions, prior to the production cycles. The conditions have therefore been set for automated measuring processes.

I++ Simulator


  • Gianni Gencarelli

    Gianni Gencarelli is the Product Manager for I++ Simulator at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. A former applications engineer with over ten years of experience in the field, Gianni’s current role uses his metrology knowledge and expertise to develop advanced simulation software that meets the rigorous demands of quality technicians.

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