Hexagon Supports STEM Event Inspiring the Next Generation at Silverstone Park

Last week, Hexagon supported the latest Inspiration for Innovation day at our site in Silverstone Park, UK. The event was run by Gaia Innovation and hosted nearly 50 primary school students from the nearby Beachborough school. They enjoyed sessions from several businesses across Silverstone Park, including a series of interactive demonstrations from Hexagon.

Inspiration for Innovation Day Blog 1Theafternoon began with an introductory talk from Claire Waterson, our Silverstone Park Facilities Coordinator. Students engaged with an introduction to metrology in this dynamic talk, using relatable examples to understand the importance of accurate measurement techniques (and how we’ve come a long way from the ancient technique of using the Pharaoh’s arm as a unit of measurement!).

With this new grasp of what metrology means and how it is important to us all in our day-to-day lives, students were able to explore some of our hardware and deepen their understanding of metrology. They took part in interactive demonstrations led by our talented sales team, exploring coordinate measurement machines (CMMs), portable measuring arms and height gauges.

Driving the CMM with the jogbox, students tackled an obstacle course of parts on the CMM table while taking a series of measurement points. They learned basic principles of how PC-DMIS processes data to provide highly accurate measurements using a coordinate system. Students discussed how society has moved forward from traditional, manual methods of measurement.

Everyone enjoyed this superb opportunity, including the staff!

– Beachborough’s Head Teacher

Inspiration for Innovation Day Blog 2In the height gauge session students deepened their understanding of measurement accuracy by comparing their elevation estimates to machine readouts. They were able to operate equipment and learn how human input affects measurement accuracy.

Our Absolute Arm was showcased in the final demonstration where students were fascinated to see measured data appear on screen in 3D, working in teams to scan and measure Star Wars figures. This was an eye-opening session where students were introduced to the wide range of applications for portable measuring arms and laser scanning.

The Inspiration for Innovation day provided school students theopportunity to experience first-hand some of the concepts they learn back in the classroom. Taking part in these sessions means students gain a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and how they are used in day-to-day life.

It is hugely important for us to work with schools, aiding the development of STEM skills and supporting future career decisions. Hexagon is proud to have supported this excellent event, inspiring the minds of our next generation. Learn more about Hexagon’s work in STEM education here.


  • Becky Francis

    Becky Francis is a Technical Writer and Project Manager at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. She develops technical content for the PC-DMIS Newsletter and organises its delivery globally. Becky has a background in scientific research in the marine renewable energy industry. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Ocean Science and a Master of Research degree in Marine Renewable Energy.

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