Enhancing your productivity with a customised quality solution

If you caught us this year at IMTS, you likely have noticed our excitement for MyQuality, our newest aftermarket offering to US-based Hexagon customers. If you missed us in Chicago, don’t worry – we’re bringing MyQuality to you – a one-stop portal for your programming and inspection needs.

In the world of instant gratification, same-day delivery, and a multitude of online tools, we must change the way we work. With that in mind, we want to help solve your problems in a unique way – reduce downtime and enhance productivity. Welcome to MyQuality, the only custom portal in our industry, created with you in mind.

This initiative started in 2020 as a launch pad from another project to improve how quickly we create programs for inspection. Our goal was to modernise our business practice and meet customers where you are. In looking at our data, we realised that we asked you for the same information over and over. We needed to find a better way. By expediting workflow and consolidating information gathering, we can now create a place where projects, parts, files, data – you name it – can live and be accessed easily. Now, we have a quicker and more efficient process for you when a new project is submitted.

The idea of reduced downtime and enhanced productivity is embodied on the site. By creating a profile and saving project data, you’ll save more time each time you come back, while ensuring you will get exactly what you need. We can pull up your history and specs in just a few seconds, saving everyone time in their day-to-day workload. MyQuality allows you better access to on-demand programming, inspection help and an online quoting system – you can message us on your time. Gone are the days of waiting for business hours; you can log in and check on your project at any time, at any stage, and stay in communication with the applications team with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The more data we collect through your profile about your machine, the more refined we can make your quotes and streamline your experience with our MyQuality portal. With its instant price estimations, project history, and easy access, the capabilities to aid you with your inspection and programming needs are unmatched.

Get started at MyQuality today! If you’re not based in the US, contact your local Hexagon team to see how we can support you in your location.




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