Why HxGN LIVE Makes You Smarter About Productivity

All of us working in manufacturing know today’s rapid advances in digital technology will impact competitiveness. But identifying which new technologies to deploy and when isn’t always easy, especially given the day-to-day constraints of running a competitive business. Fortunately, help is at hand at HxGN LIVE, Hexagon’s digital solutions conference, which returns to Las Vegas 11-14 June.

What sets HxGN LIVE apart from other conferences is its emphasis on presenting practical technological solutions to real-world challenges, making it the perfect environment for problem-solving production engineers and manufacturing industry leaders alike. And it’s why I am looking forward to attending.

HxGN LIVE doesn’t focus on the abstract, even though some of the speakers are visionary. Instead it is grounded in helping attendees discover and deploy the right solutions to improve productivity, whether it’s across design and engineering, production or metrology.

We understand, for example, that businesses are unlikely tohave the luxury of creating a smart factory from scratch. At HxGN LIVE you’ll be able to discover individual technologies that are simple to use, and which will help make your factory incrementally smarter, while increasing productivity today. At the same time, you’ll gain insight into future hardware and software products, and how current product choices can fit with longer-term plans for more connected and autonomous manufacturing.

Most of all, HxGN LIVE is an essential forum for exchanging ideas and best practices; many of our customers value the opportunity to learn how peers in their own and other industries are tackling similar issues.

If you join the production subtrack at this year’s HxGN LIVE, we’ll show you how we’re working with manufacturers to make production processes more intelligent and automated, enabling you to manufacture exactly as designed – whether it’s for producing prototypes, finished products or production runs. I’m also excited to announce that for the first time at HxGN LIVE, you’ll be able to see our NCSIMUL machining verification software. NCSIMUL is a powerful CNC simulation software that allows you to virtually test and validate the machining process before metal is cut – it’s a very interesting technology and has great potential to add value for the increasing number of manufacturers pursuing digital-first strategies.

NCSIMUL is of course one of the many products on view in The Zone, a 120 000 square foot demo area full of solutions from across all of Hexagon’s divisions. That may sound like a large area to navigate, but HxGN LIVE regulars know that it gives you the freedom tostep back from your day job and explore new and better ways of working. And if you’re a first-time attendee, the best advice I can offer is to engage with everyone around you, whether by asking presenters questions, picking the brains of Hexagon’s experts in the Zone, or swapping stories with fellow manufacturers.

Have a good trip to Las Vegas and we look forward to meeting you there.


  • Steve Sivitter

    Steve Sivitter is CEO of Production Software, joining Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence with the acquisition of Vero Software in 2014. He had been a part of the Edgecam team since 2006 as CEO for the Americas and subsequently held senior positions in the Planit and Vero Software organisations, building up a wealth of knowledge across the brands and industry sectors. In total, Sivitter has over 25 years of CAD/CAM experience in technical, marketing, sales and management positions.

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