What to expect at IMTS 2016

It’s IMTS time again! From the iconic waterfront views of Lake Michigan to the IMTS balloon outside the convention center, IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show) brings over 114,000 attendees to the 1.3 million net square feet of exhibit space at the McCormick Place complex in Chicago, Illinois. This year’s event, held on September 12th-17th, will host over 2,000 exhibitors, showcasing their manufacturing solutions and expertise.

Hexagon and IMTS
Dating back to the first IMTS event in 1927, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence ― then Brown & Sharpe ―was one of the first companies to register for the event. Bringing the best and brightest manufacturers under one roof, IMTS has been host to Hexagon throughout its entire history. This year, Hexagon is kicking things up a notch. In this article, you will learn what to expect at Hexagon’s booth E-5202 starting September 12th.

Expert Talks
This year, Hexagon will be host to many demonstrations and presentingat the TRAM (Trends in Advanced Machining Manufacturing and Materials) conference. Attendees can learn more about these two timely subjects:

  • Moving Quality Intelligence into Manufacturing Machines
    • Joel Martin, Product Manager-Laser Tracker Product Line,
      Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence
      Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2016
      Time: 3:15pm – 4:10pm.
      Location: West Building, Level 1, Room W194-A
  • TRAM: Aerospace, metrology and the 4th Industrial Revolution
    • Speaker: Scott Everling, Product Development Manager for Integrated Solutions, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence
      Date: Thursday, September 15, 2016
      Time: 10:30am – 11am
      Location: SKY Ballroom B, Room W375-B

Sneak Peek of Booth E-5202
This year, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence will have many surprises throughout the booth including contests, new product announcements, and more. To get a little taste of what you will see in our booth, check out some of our in-booth activities describedbelow.

By taking a self-guided journey through our sensing, thinking, acting tour, you will see how quality drives productivity. You will experience solutions that enable you to gain unprecedented insights into the manufacturing process, turn raw data into actionable information to support decision making, and rapidly use that knowledge to make improvements to your manufacturing processes.

ROMER Absolute Arm contest- Once you finish your tour, participate in our ROMER Absolute Arm contest and get hands on experience with our portable arms.

Twitter Contest- Looking for an easy way to win Hexagon swag? Stop by our booth and take a selfie with our Hexagon branded helicopter provided by Airbus (that’s right, I said helicopter), or NASCAR race car provided by Hendrick Motorsports, and upload it to Twitter mentioning @HexagonMI and using the hashtag Hexfie. Each day a winner will be chosen to win a mystery prize.

New Technologies
And now for the technology. This year Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence will be featuring a host of new and innovative technologies from across a wide range of intelligence measurement solutions such as our BLAZE 600M, GLOBAL EVO, GLOBAL Advantage HTA, Automation Technology, AICON products. To learn a little bit more about these technologies, read below.

Global-EVO_MGLOBAL S– Fast. Faster. Fastest. This all-round CMM is designed for speed and driven by technology. Built on the solid foundation of the highly-successful GLOBAL CMM product family, GLOBAL S is a top-of-the-range CMM designed for speed. Optimized for tactile scanning performance and offering best-in-class throughput, GLOBAL S is the ideal solution for manufacturers who require higher productivity in dimensional inspection, for example in the automotive, aerospace, general mechanics and precision mechanics industries.

GLOBAL Advantage HTA– With current industry demands to increase production and reduce asset base, the GLOBAL Advantage HTA is the optimal blade measurement solution. The HTA solution is configured to address all phases of use including: measurement operation creation, operation validation, production deployment, production execution, data acquisition, data analysis and data management.

Optiv Performance 664 Dual Z– Making its first introduction to the North American market, the Optiv Performance 664 Dual Z is an optical system designed to have the advantage of two CMMs in one. Powered by PC-DMIS Vision, this multi sensor optical system uses vision-sensor, TTL-Laser (autofocus and scanning), Chromatic White Light Sensor (CWS), touch-trigger probes and stylus module changing racks to give youthe ultimate measuring machine. The Optiv Performance 664 Dual Z can perform in harsh environmental conditions within the production environment. Dirt, dust, and floor vibrations are eliminated by the optional machine enclosure, covered guide-ways and the optional active vibration damping system.

Automation Technology– Something BIG is happening in booth E-5202. Stay tuned!
BLAZE 600M– New for 2016, the BLAZE 600M is a flexible, manually-operated system that provides ultra-rapid 3D data acquisition, a high level of accuracy, and actionable data for measurement, inspection, product development, line tuning, and reverse engineering. With minimal preparation, BLAZE 600M performs feature and surface measurements of parts and assemblies in various sizes with detail and precision. The scanner combines high-resolution digital imaging with blue light LED illumination, and does not require surface treatment of metallic, plastic and composite parts. The system is not sensitive to industrial and ambient light sources, as well as indirect daylight. Designed for operation in industrial environments, vibration due to heavy machinery processes (stamping presses, CNC, robotics etc.) has a negligible impact on measurement results due to the scanner’s fast data capture rate. The highly-portable BLAZE 600M is an all-in-one unit that fits in a single box.

IMTS-2016-Blog-ROMER-Absolute-ArmROMER Absolute Arm Series 77– The most accurate ROMER Absolute Arm to date, the 77 series is designed to provide absolute accuracy for high-end 3D measurement applications. The advanced PCMM achieves nearly a 20% improvement in scanning accuracy and a 15% improvement in touch-probe measurement accuracy over the popular 75 Series. The new ROMER Absolute Arm is available in five sizes from 2.5 m to 4.5 m measuring volumes. The 77 series combines its high precision measurement advances with the proven technology of the ROMER Absolute Arm, while retaining the arm’s user-friendly nature. The ROMER Absolute Arm is the only PCMM in the industry that can be switched on and used immediately without warm-up or referencing. Probe changes can also be made without recalibration to maximize flexibility on the job. Acoustic and haptic operator feedback facilitate usage in harsh shop-floor environments. The standard, versatile 3000 N magnetic base offers mounting options for all kinds of applications and part sizes.

Leica Absolute Scanner LAS-20-8–  The new Leica Absolute Scanner LAS-20-8, a portable laser scanner forlarge volume inspection applications such as automotive sheet metal, aerospace mold tools, large industrial castings and more. Design-focused on improved usability, the handheld 3D scanner allows shop floor operators, regardless of experience, to easily and quickly capture complex point-cloud data. The LAS-20-8 laser scanner works in tandem with the ultra-portable Leica Absolute Tracker AT960, and offers enhanced performance for manual freeform surface inspections on intricate workpieces, even those with dark or shiny metallic materials. The product’s ease-of-use and ability to auto-adjust laser intensity for different surface types dramatically minimizes training requirements, enabling novice operators to scan worry-free with confidence.

Leica Absolute Tracker AT960- The Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 is a robust, all-in-one portable laser tracker that fits in a single flight case. Offering high-speed dynamic measurement as standard, it is a complete solution for six degrees of freedom (6DoF) probing, scanning and automated inspection as well as reflector measurements.

With the complete range of Leica laser tracker accessories built in, the AT960 can be transported easily, unpacked quickly and powered up in minutes to measure almost anywhere.

AICON PrimeScan- With the new scanner line PrimeScan, AICON 3D Systems provides an attractive entry-level solution for highly precise 3D digitization of industrial components. The PrimeScan provides a compact design: the base area equals a DIN A4 sheet, and the scanner weighs only 3 kg. It is suitable as desktop solution and for applications under cramped spatial conditions in industrial surroundings. The PrimeScan is equipped with either blue-light-technology for industrial applications or white-light-technology for scanning with additional color information as required in arts, culture and design. The powerful projector allows for the scanning of glossy and dark surfaces without pretreatment.

AICON stereoSCAN- The stereoSCAN neo provides the necessary rectification by using color and intensity control to optimally adjust to surface properties. With the principle “See What You Measure“, AICON consistently continues its innovation strategy. For the first time, it is now possible to visualize the results of a measurement directly on the object. The adaptive full color projection technique enables not only projection of the color patterns which are necessary for the scanning process onto the object, but also of the measurement results. This allows for the deviations from the CAD to be visualized in color immediately following the measurement on the object surface. Equipped as 8 or 16 megapixel digital camera versions, the stereoSCAN neo provides the best arrangement required for the maximum degree of detail for the object acquisition process. By changing the camera lenses and the base length, measurement fields of 75 mm up to 1,100 mm can be captured.

With all to see and do at this year’s IMTS, make sure to make the trip to booth E-5202 and experience Manufacturing Intelligence at its best. Hexagon will have a whole host of new and exciting technologies along with the Expert’s behind them. To add Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence to your show planner, click here.


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