Video: Complete Reproduction of a Complex Wooden Piece

Not every reverse engineering application involves reinventing functional parts for integration within an industrial mechanical system; sometimes it’s all about getting the look of a thing exactly right. And that’s a challenge that’s well within the capabilities of the ROMER Absolute Arm with Integrated Scanner when paired with the 3DReshaper and Alphacam software packages.

With the fast 3D laser scanning technology of the ROMER Absolute Arm, high-definition point-cloud data is quickly collected from even complex geometries with no preparation required. That high-definition measurement data is then turned into a mesh within 3DReshaper. Once imported into the Alphacam software, this mesh is used to control the manufacturing of a complete reproduction of the original measured part. Within Alphacam, the 3D milling process can be first virtually simulated, and then even controlling the CNC router to fully reproduce the original piece in the real world.

Take a look at our video walkthrough to see how it all works, from physical to virtual and back again.


  • Mark D'Urso

    A marketing and communications specialist for over a decade, Mark D’Urso joined Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence as a member of the Portables Product Line in 2016. He has since played a central role in defining messaging and producing content for several new product launch campaigns.

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