Towards new horizons for aerospace

As we have seen over the past few years, it’s never easy to make confident predictions far into the future. And while supply chain and energy cost issues continue, the lifting of travel restrictions around the world has given many industries an opportunity to return to some normality and plan for the future.

Aerospace has suffered as much turbulence over the past two years as any other industry, but it has also displayed real resilience. As with other transport industries, in particular automotive, the recent crisis occurred at a pivotal time when the quest for more sustainable forms of propulsion and manufacturing had gained considerable momentum. This pivot requires the application of new technologies and strategies across all manufacturing processes, with more agile and connected systems in place to build aircraft fit for a de-carbonised future.

The challenges involved in this journey are enormous, but this is not a ‘nice to have’ situation, it is an imperative. Hexagon is committed to empowering an autonomous future where business, industry and humanity sustainably thrive through advanced software and hardware solutions, combined with expertise built on over 50 years in aerospace (browse our range of aerospace solutions here).

We will be showcasing these and many other solutions for the first time at Farnborough International Airshow, from 18-22 July 2022. So, if we’ve been a key partner for aerospace manufacturers for so long, why are we making our debut at Farnborough now?

An expert end-to-end aerospace partner

Hexagon has grown significantly in recent years. We now offer the aerospace industry a unique portfolio of end-to-end software and hardware solutions that enable the creation and operation of ‘true’ virtual twins capable of significantly reducing design and manufacturing cycle times and accelerating aerospace innovation.

Our portfolio presents you with the ability to:

  • Capture real-world process data from our advanced metrology solutions
  • Analyse and compare the data in the virtual world using multiphysics and manufacturing simulation
  • Apply the gained knowledge back within real-world operations to make optimal improvements to the designs or manufacturing process (for example, correcting toolpaths)

This is the story we are excited to discuss with you at Farnborough.

At this time of transformation, productive partnerships are vital to integrate disparate new technologies, extracting value and efficiency gains by putting data to work and harnessing their individual qualities.

Additive manufacturing (AM), artificial intelligence (AI), and virtual twins, for example, each have important roles to play in the future of aerospace. But getting to that point requires expert knowledge across software, hardware and manufacturing. This is where Hexagon can provide exclusive value to the aerospace industry.

Our data-focused solutions boost quality and productivity. No other aerospace partner can offer such a comprehensive range of digital technology to solve the biggest issues facing the aerospace and defence industry today, including: lightweight material & process engineering, adaptive machining techniques, virtual assembly solutions, and in-process, automated inspection.

What does the future of aerospace hold and could your organisation be part of it?

Discover more at Farnborough International

As manufacturers face seismic change to compete in a transforming aerospace industry seeking cleaner modes of propulsion, Hexagon provides the foundations to look further ahead, over the horizon.

So, book your live demo with Hexagon at Farnborough International Airshow Booth 3731 to explore how we can take your aerospace manufacturing further, faster and into the future.


  • Aziz Tahiri

    Aziz Tahiri is the Global VP for Aerospace & Defense at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. With over a decade of experience in aerospace project, marketing and innovation management, he leads Hexagon’s strategy to enable the digital transformation of the aerospace industry particularly focusing on implementing automation across the manufacturing workflow, bringing collaborative tools and user mindsets and further operational insights to Hexagon’s customers worldwide. He holds an Aerospace Mechanical and Automation Engineering degree from the Toulouse ICAM school and is dedicated to supporting the aerospace industry transitioning into a more sustainable future. He has worked for ECA Group and RECIF Technologies in several locations across the globe.

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