Time to plug-in with Hexagon structured light scanners and PolyWorks

The need to use proprietary standalone software solutions to operate structured light scanning systems is an issue faced by users across manufacturing. With the development of a new plug-in for Hexagon structured light scanners, it is now possible for users to deeply integrate this type of high-detail scanning within their existing metrology workflows by completely removing the need to insert proprietary software at the measurement step of the inspection process.

Full direct control of Hexagon’s structured light scanners (SLS) within world-class inspection software solutions closes the gap between data collection and inspection. Thanks to a new deeply integrated plug-in for Innovmetric’s PolyWorks platform, Hexagon offers the only structured light scanner solution where customers can work in the same software platform with which they operate their scanning arms, laser trackers, CMMs, and digital gauges.

The Hexagon SLS-PW Plug-in lets users streamline their scanning and inspection workflow into a single software environment, with clear productivity benefits. As Hexagon’s plug-in embeds its data acquisition functionality within PolyWorks, customers have direct real-time access to the complete functionality of PolyWorks, enabling:

  • Reduction of training costs.
  • Improved teamwork efficiency as inspection projects are shared easily through the common platform.
  • Boosted mobility and elimination of silos as all measurement specialists can learn to use all measurement devices.

Intelligent data with smart results will provide the highest quality data for inspection. Hardware and inspection software go hand-in-hand as they are both used together to drive decisions throughout the manufacturing of a part. Hexagon SLS systems and PolyWorks software is the value-add customers need. The SLS-PW Plug-in combines the best of both worlds in one solution, offering market-leading inspection software and world-class Hexagon SLS hardware with meshing tools to ensure the highest-quality inspection results are realised.

Not only does the plug-in offer control of Hexagon SLS systems, but the use of a Hexagon-compatible automated rotary table can be controlled directly within PolyWorks with the plug-in. Users can place a part on the turntable and dial in their rotational and/or tilt positions to build the ultimate hands free, operator independent, repeatable structured light scanning routine – all within the widely known PolyWorks environment.

 Hexagon’s range of structured light scanners remain fully compatible with, and supported by, the dedicated OptoCat structured light scanning software, which until now has been required for operating these systems. The SLS-PW Plug-in is aimed at users already invested in the popular PolyWorks environment and who would see significant productivity improvements through being able to switch to a single software solution.

Find out more about PolyWorks and the new SLS-PW Plug-in here.


  • Phillip Lewis

    Phillip Lewis is Hexagon’s Commercial Business Manager for Optical 3D Scanners North America. He has spent more than 15 years working with 3D optical metrology systems across several platforms in manufacturing. His experience and expertise with 3D scanning solutions contribute to the success our customers achieve when choosing Hexagon as their optical scanning metrology provider

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