Three reasons why modular part-holding systems are a key fixture of efficient inspection

When it comes to driving greater precision and speed in quality operations, manufacturers quite rightly look to ever-advancing measuring machines for their investments. But an often overlooked element of effective inspections is fixturing.

When planning for a measurement application, consideration of the optimum fixturing tools and techniques can be a game-changer for efficiency. The ability to hold parts securely and flexibly is key. Here are three reasons why.

1. Avoid running up higher costs and risks downstream in production

The fundamental task of a good fixturing system is to hold parts in place securely during measurement. Poor component holding can lead to inspection errors, which can impair product quality and drive up costs to correct mistakes. Ensuring you use excellent quality part-holding tools and the right fixturing configuration is essential to consistently elicit confidence from your customers and colleagues.

2. Adapt quickly to changing needs

With a full range of part-holding components, operators have virtually limitless fixture configurations at their fingertips. No matter how complex the component to be measured, and no matter how different the subsequent component might be, the right fixturing solution should be flexible enough to adapt. Hexagon’s Swift-Fix kits come in bronze, silver and gold options to suit a wide range of varying application needs and complexities.

3. Save time with easy and fast changing of fixtures

The right fixturing system should offer maximum usability. This enables operators to quickly change fixturing setups, driving throughput and reducing delays. What’s more, making fixtures easy to set up is key to reducing human error and enabling less experienced CMM operators to get inspections up and running. Hexagon’s Swift-Fix systems feature a range of tools to help with this, including universal kinematic base plates, articulated fixturing arms, clampings that click easily into place, and more.

Hexagon’s Swift-Fix modular part-holding and fixturing systems are designed for maximum usability, part security and measuring flexibility. The Swift-Fix range covers a wide range of components, from standoffs and baseplates, tension posts and side blocks, to pillars and spring clamps. Available in both kits and as individual components, Swift-Fix also offers tools specifically designed for optical CMMs, as well as portable measuring arms.

The Swift-Fix range is now available for fast order and delivery on our EMEA online shop. Visit to learn more.

Swift-Fix Fixturing System


  • Manuel Müller

    Manuel Müller is a Product Marketing Manager at Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division. He is responsible for the product marketing strategy for the sensors and components product line, located in Waldburg, Germany. While studying for his bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Marketing, he gained wide experience working for global brands in Germany and North America. Manuel has been with Hexagon since 2014.

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