The Shape of Potential in Smart Manufacturing

Forme, ‘potential’ means our ability to develop the future – making it something unknown and immeasurable, but also exciting. When you see a young child, you have no idea what they might grow up to be. But you know that theyhave potential of some kind, and through learning and continuous improvement, they can fulfil that potential.

Learning and continuous improvement are particularly important in the world of manufacturing – every manufacturer knows that the mistakes we don’t learn from are the costliest! In fact, ‘manufacturing intelligence’ is all about embedding continuous learning into processes to optimise operations and improve productivity. Visitors to the Manufacturing Intelligence track at HxGN LIVE 2017 will also experience four days of continuous learning as they hear stories of Hexagon helping our customers fulfil their potential through smarter decision making.

One of the key drivers of progress in enterprise manufacturing intelligence is software as a data integrator. As technology users, we know the power of connectivity. But manufacturing data is so often gathered and held in disparate silos that limit its usefulness. Now, through intelligent manufacturing software, businesses can integrate data from multiple sources and unlock its full potential to give complete insight into processes. HxGN LIVE invites power users of all kinds of different software packages to come together and help shape future developments in the software they use. The conference also offers them chance to imagine the integrated platforms of tomorrow that will continue this move to break down silos and bring software users across the factory together.

Using software to connect the factory also offers new possibilities for manufacturers to reimagine the shape of their facilities. We tend to have quite a fixed idea of what factories look like – a series of stations arranged around a production line. Pioneered by the automotive industry, but prevalent in others, this has been the standard for decades. But the automotive industry produces some of the most heavily customised products in existence today. Is the production line as we know it the best way to meet our appetite for mass customisation? This year, the Manufacturing Intelligence track will demonstrate how the digital thread can enable the smart factory to become a modular, flexible ecosystem of manufacturing islands, optimised to create the products that modern consumers demand.

This is how we can help you manufacture smarter – this is the shape of potential. Shaping smart change.


  • Norbert Hanke

    Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence President Norbert Hanke, who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, served the role of Financial Director at Brown & Sharpe prior to joining Hexagon in 2001. Additionally, Hanke previously held several positions within Kloeckner Group.

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