The Expert’s Desk: 3 Tips to Improve Your Measurement Routine Today

The execution of an inspection plan is critical for ensuring the continuous production of quality products. Having a seamless inspection process can save you time and money. In this edition of The Expert’s Desk, we take a look at three ways in which you can improve your measurement routine.

Tip 1: Incorporate a software system that allows an easy-to-use operator interface
Let’s face it, not all operators are experts in programming a coordinate measuring machine (CMM). With a simple-to-use interface built into your software system, like Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s INSPECT, you can easily select and run an inspection program without having to navigate within the core programming software. This gives the programmer peace of mind that the job will be done right the first time and the operator the confidence to perform measurement tasks with just a few button clicks.

Tip 2: Look for a system that can tell you what is going on from across the shop floor

Product manufacturing has become increasingly more demanding. Today, operators are responsible for manning multiple machines across the shop floor. By having a system that can instantly tell you the status of the measurement routine, you can spend less time standing around the machine, creating a leaner and more efficient work day for the operator.

Tip 3: Use software and hardware that allows you to monitor your CMM anywhere

Wouldn’t it be nice to run your machine unattended without having to worry about the possibility of a crash or a random change in temperature affecting your measurements? Having equipment that will allow you to run your machine unattended, like PULSE, is crucial to maximizing the efficiency of your measurement routines. PULSE uses a network of sensors to provide real-time monitoring of environmental conditions that could influence the quality of measured data. Events like probe crashes, vibrations, and variations in temperature and humidity, are all recorded and can send automatic alerts via SMS or email when an environmental condition parameter is breached.

Want to learn more? To find out other ways in which you can improve your measurement routine process, check out our latest webinar, How To Execute Inspection Plans in Closed-Loop Manufacturing.


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