The Channel Partner’s Corner: Canadian Measurement metrology

Our company, Canadian Measurement-metrology Inc. was founded in 1986, and focuses on coordinate metrology. Drawing from an adept and knowledgeable personnel base, we offer our customers unprecedented insight and problem solving capability. See our introductory video here.

One of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s products that we offer to the Canadian marketplace is theROMER Absolute Arm line of portable coordinate measurement machines (PCMMs). Due to their ease-of-use, portability and tremendously accurate scanning capabilities, theROMER Absolute Arm is a preferred metrology solution for advanced manufacturers. Recently, we put our ROMER Absolute Arm to great use at Corwhin Tool, located in Guelph, Ontario, a manufacturer of CNC Way Covers of all makes and models for the manufacturing industry. >> Read more



  • Elliot Foster

    Prior to starting Canadian Measurement-Metrology (CMM), Elliott Foster spent 11 years with Mitutoyo Canada concentrating on coordinate measuring machine sales, and finally reached the position of Vice President. During his tenure at Mitutoyo, he was responsible for the first Mitutoyo coordinate measuring machine sale ever in Canada. Elliott started Canadian Measurement-Metrology in June 1986 and by December the same year became Sheffield’s largest international distributor. CMMXYZ became a Brown and Sharpe distributor in 1990 and has remained a reseller through the company’s evolution into Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

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