Shaping Customer Success with Q-DAS Software

At Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, we embody one of Hexagon’s core values: customer focus, a belief in consulting on solutions to fulfil a customer’s particular needs and drive their success. This core value drives operations at Hexagon-owned statistical process control specialist Q-DAS.

Q-DAS software sets standards for quality assurance in industrial production, with 150 000 users worldwide trusting this high-performance toolset. A key function supported out of its Weinheim campus building is the System Integration (SI) team.

The SI team consists of skilled engineers who implement various projects for our many different customers around the globe. After an order is completed, the project engineer typically operates on site at the customer’s location – in the case of Q-DAS this could be in one of 55 countries worldwide!

The range of Q-DAS software products provide for computer-aided visualisation, monitoring and evaluation of product and process data in industrial production. The single programs can be combined in various ways to meet customer requirements and fulfil the respective tasks, even with the help of a third-party system.

The SI team is responsible for the customer-specific implementation and configuration of Q-DAS software and so facilitates the progress of our customers. The team members work consultatively with customers, analyse their tasks and, once they are familiar with the customer situation and know their specific preferences and expectations, develop a suitable individual solution meeting customer requirements and needs, ranging from single installations to the implementation of the entire ‘CAMERA Concept’.

The CAMERA Concept consists of six phases. During the first phase, Q-DAS products Collect measured values. In phases two and three, they Assess the recorded and visualised data and Manage the data by storing it in a central database. In the fourth phase, the user can access the database to Evaluate the desired statistics. The evaluation results may be illustrated in automatically generated Reports in the fifth phase. Data Archiving is the last phase, closing the loop.
By using Q-DAS statistical software and the Q-DAS CAMERA Concept, the customer can transfer their collected values into actionable information. This is the only way to fulfil the potential of their data, raising quality in production, saving time and cutting costs. Each installation is different and every situation poses a unique challenge that system engineers must meet individually. The SI team doesn’t avoid the application of third-party systems, instead pragmatically combining and connecting different solutions to maximise value for the customer.

Team members offer comprehensive technical support during the implementation of the project and remain a point of contact for customers, supporting them by answering any project-related questions and maintaining Q-DAS products in the long run. The customer and the Q-DAS employee often keep in contact for several years and the team members gain strong customer loyalty based on a cooperative partnership.

The work of the SI team contributes to the successful application of Q-DAS software and shapes customer progress in a production environment, but this just scratches the surface of how Q-DAS software helps drive customer success. To find out more, read about the range of Q-DAS software solutions, and watch the video below for an overview of Q-DAS.


  • Klaus Tasch

    Klaus Tasch is the Team Leader of the Q-DAS System Integration (SI) team. He holds a state-certified engineer’s degree in polymer and rubber processing. Before he joined Q-DAS, the Hexagon-owned statistical process control specialist, in 2005, he worked for several years in the quality management department of a medium-sized polymer-processing company and as an IT system administrator.

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