Shape Your Network with Valuable Connections at HxGN LIVE 2018

There comes a time when everyone discovers you can’t put a price on a strong network.

For me, it’s a rainy morning, 2016. I’m cycling a 10-mile journey to my part-time job on a rickety bike. Half-way to the office, a pedal breaks and falls off on a high-speed road. Without money for a taxi, I call and wake a friend to give me and my bike a lift. When I arrive, a colleague helps me de-stress and laugh about the incident. The next day, after a casual chatwith my landlord about my bike troubles, he teaches me how to fix the pedal.

On reflection, I realised I had an invaluable personal network.

It’s amazing and mysterious the ways that someone might impact our life after we take those first steps to build a connection. This applies to shaping our professional network: we can’t envision all the opportunities that our network will yield, but opportunities that would have been impossible can become reality.

At Hexagon’s premier annual conference HxGN LIVE, taking place this year in Las Vegas, shaping networks is all about thousands of professionals getting the chance to form rewarding connections in an environment overflowing with knowledge, experience, and innovation.

What is it about the power of networking that makes HxGN LIVE unmissable? HxGN-LIVE-Networking-POD

Gain Knowledge. During HxGN LIVE 2018, you will spend four days with 3 500 peers, including some of the brightest minds in design and engineering, production and metrology. At every turn is a chance to bolster your network with a knowledgeable industry leader. As well as offering the transformative energy of face-to-face strategising, HxGN LIVE can connect you with contacts who could be an invaluable source of insight and ideas throughout your career. 

Innovate Thinking. Behind every new face is a new way of seeing the world and potentially a new of way perceiving the challenges at your organisation. Whether it’s networking in workshops, breakout sessions, or over a meal, there are multiple forums to engage with and learn from innovators and their groundbreaking ways of thinking. If you’re the only person in your position at your company, HxGN LIVE is a unique opportunity to freshen your approaches and discover new methods by meeting professionals performing similar roles at another organisation.

Get Inspired. They say “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, but the thrill of meeting new people and fruitful  networking at HxGN LIVE isn’t just about inspiring you in the present – it sparks long-term galvanisation so you continue driving real, lasting change at your organisation. When you shape your network with such energising professionals, that’s a well of inspiration you can dip into whenever you need a boost.   

Help Peers. We’ve mainly discussed networking in terms of how it benefits ourselves, but one of its greatest rewards is helping others. As an experienced, knowledgeable professional, you will have many opportunities at HxGN LIVE to get the satisfaction of sharing your insights and knowing you’ve helped someone. As well as potentially positioning yourself as a go-to industry leader, being invaluable to your peers will strengthen your network relationships.

Build Friendships. Our ultimate goal is to share knowledge, break new ground and inspire professionals, but it’s no secret that HxGN LIVE achieves these objectives while offering a fun time. And the invigorating evening events at HxGN LIVE – which in recent years have included a Hexagon honky tonk, a California beach bash and an evening set in space – are perfect for bolstering valuable business relationships with a real sense of friendship. Plus, if you can’t currently count Olympians and Formula 1 engineers among your network then, based on our previous attendees, we might be able to fix that for you.

If you shape your network, your network will shape you. So join us in Las Vegas, Nevada 12-15 June for HxGN LIVE 2018. Click here to find out more about the Manufacturing Intelligence track or register for this one of a kind networking opportunity. Register before 5 March to take advantage of the Early Bird rate of just $749.


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