Shape Your Manufacturing Intelligence Experience at HxGN LIVE 2018

What do we mean by ‘your experience’?

Whether we’re talking about the skills, knowledge and achievements you’ve built over a career, or a momentous event that’s left a lasting impression, ‘your experience’ refers to things that are crucial in your life.

As such, the ability to control experience, to shape it to serve your ambitions, can be literally life-changing.

HxGN LIVE is all about shaping experience in every sense of the word. In this post, we’ll explore just some of the ways in which HxGN LIVE can shape your development as a manufacturing industry professional and how, by attending, you could shape the unique opportunity that is the HxGN LIVE experience.

Inspiring Ideas for Real Change

At the centre of HxGN LIVE is a range of resources to motivate engineering, production and metrology professionals with innovative ideas and actionable information they can utilise for significant transformation in their day-to-day roles. Whether it’s inspiring keynote addresses, interactive workshops, or in-depth training sessions, the event offers unprecedented opportunities to learn from industry experts, gain insights into the latest manufacturing trends and technologies, and get energised to deliver real, substantial change and improvement in your organisation.

Unique Encounters
Have you ever shared a room with an Olympian, world-record-breaking Formula 1 team members, and engineers designing a rocket car that will travel at 1000 mph? If you can honestly say yes, then you must have been to HxGN LIVE! HxGN-LIVE-Experience-2

Through talks, workshops and one-to-one meetings, attendees can engage with inspiring individuals at the forefront of their industry with unique stories to tell. HxGN LIVE is attended by thousands of knowledgeable manufacturers with big ideas, so you can make meaningful strategic connections with the innovators leading technological progress and changing the world.

Position Yourself as a Thought Leader
HxGN LIVE doesn’t just enhance your knowledge, but also provides an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise. By speaking at our event, you can showcase yourself and your organisation as industry leaders, potentially bolstering your resume, your connections, and your company’s image in front of professionals from around the globe.

Readiness for the Future
One of the most important purposes of experience is to prepare us for future experiences. While we can’t 100% control how we experience the future, we can certainly prepare ourselves to take advantage of its possibilities. At HxGN LIVE, discussions are geared towards inspiring attendees about what lies ahead, nurturing the necessary skills and knowledge that will help them tackle upcoming challenges and capitalise on opportunities.

In some ways, the future arrives at HxGN LIVE; The Zone is our 120 000 ft+ exhibition of innovation, showcasing the solutions shaping the manufacturing of tomorrow. The Zone is a unique opportunity to see in action the technologies that could transform your organisation’s productivity. 

Shape your experience and let your experience shape you at HxGN LIVE 2018. Click here to find out more about the manufacturing intelligence track, or register for this one of a kind experience


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