Sensing your Way Through Closed-Loop Manufacturing Webinar

PC-DMIS is Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s core technology for dimensional measurement and is engineered to improve software workflows for better Sensing. Sensing plays a critical role in the manufacturing process. Its planning phase is the first and most important step for ensuring a smooth process. Not only must an inspection plan provide accurate results, but it also must be created, executed and maintained in an efficient manner so that production can continue without delay.  

In this first part of a webinar series, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence technology experts Jonathan O’Hare and Shaun Wissner discuss how PC-DMIS software solutions improve workflows for better Sensing – specifically through inspection planning.

Watch this webinar to learn more about:

  • The role of sensing in closed-loop manufacturing
  • New software tools for inspectionplanning
  • New software environments for improved workflows in sensing


  • April Guenet

    April Guenet is a Product Marketing Manager for Bridge and Shop-Floor CMMs at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence located in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. Guenet has written numerous articles and blog entries for both technical and nontechnical industries. Before joining Hexagon, she served as a marketing coordinator for a global analytical instrumentation manufacturer with experience in marketing, social media management, public relations, and digital marketing. Guenet holds a Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Marketing Communications from Johnson & Wales University.

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