Section 179

Deduct Up to $500,000 with Section 179 Savings!

Now is a great time to purchase new equipment thanks to our end-of-year specials and…the U.S. Government?

Section 179 of the IRS tax code can help you save up to $500,000 by allowing you to deduct the full purchase price of equipment or software purchased during the tax year.  This deduction is part of the recent PATH Act stimulus bill that aims to help small businesses grow, although large businesses can benefit from it as well.  Rather than write off a large purchase a little at a time, Section 179 allows you to write off the entire purchase at once.  This will help American businesses make critical capital investment decisions more quickly, andhelp continue to move the economy in a positive direction.

Combine the tax savings with our end-of-year specials!  Get the best prices of the year on Hexagon solutions including ROMER Absolute Arms and Leica Trackers fromour Specials Page!

To see how much your organization can save on your taxes this year, Crest Capital has created this handy calculator.

Don’t forget about Software!  Section 179 can be applied to off-the-shelf software as well as equipment. 
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