PC-DMIS Users’ Group Meeting: Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss It

The worlds of quality and metrology software are constantly evolving to enhance the effectiveness of inspection processes and manufacturing production.

While these changes require software users to keep up to date fairly regularly, they also provide users opportunities to learn new techniques, enhancing their skillset and their ability to deliver increased value to their organization.

For PC-DMIS users, we want to make these opportunities to stay informed about new software features and bolster your expertise as convenient and interactive as possible. That’s why we’re holding the third annual PC-DMIS Users’ Group Meeting at HxGN LIVE 2019.

Here are five reasons you should join your peers at this unmissable event.

1. Problem-Solve One-to-One with Experts

The PC-DMIS Users’ Group Meeting creates an environment designed for creativity and problem-solving. You’ll be engaging with fellow users who have years of PC-DMIS experience and knowledge, new software users bringing fresh ideas and perspectives, and someof the software engineers and developers behind the innovations of PC-DMIS. If you’re having any technical challenges with PC-DMIS, these collaborative meetings can help you solve them quickly, on-site.

2. Develop Skills with Invaluable Training OpportunitiesSmallJPGPCDMIS Users Group Blog

Learning is at the heart of the PC-DMIS Users’ Group, and this year’s program gives you the chance to enhance your skills with training at the cutting-edge of PC-DMIS developments. Among other important topics, sessions will explore driving autonomous measurement routine creation, PC-DMIS’s reporting capabilities to help enhance decision making, and how to simplify measurement execution.

3. Lead Your Team’s Enhancement of Inspection Processes

“I saw a lot of capabilities of the software that I was not aware of. I brought them back and showed other users what is possible, and it has helped us to improve our process.”

This emphasis on actionable knowledge is typical of feedback we get from the PC-DMIS Users’ Group Meeting. The information, skills, and tips you take from these sessions can really spark change in your organization, as your colleagues pick up on your learnings and discover the software’s capabilities. It can snowball into really positive developments for your operations, establishing simpler and more efficient ways of working or extending your measurement capabilities.

4. Get Exclusive Insights into New Developments

There’s nowhere better than the PC-DMIS Users’ Group Meetings to get informed and stay ahead of the curve on the latest changes impacting metrology software users and PC-DMIS. Among other topics, this year’s meeting will offer:

  • GD&T training sessions covering new standards and how they will impact applications and workflow – in association with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  • An exclusive introduction to Virtual Clamping, designed to reduce costs in your metrology process
  • Insights into Inspire, the intuitive next-generation metrology software for portable probing and scanning
  • Demonstrations of PC-DMIS 2019 R1, as well as an exclusive preview of PC-DMIS 2019 R2 and upcoming software features

5. Share Your Pain Points and Improve the User Experience

PC-DMIS is updated biannually. We’re constantly working tokeep it the best metrology software available to meet your needs. If you have any pain points or ideas about how the software could be enhanced to help with your daily tasks, the PC-DMIS Users’ Group Meeting gives you direct, face-to-face access with some of the experts and decision-makers involved in the software’s development. The dedicated user feedback sessions are a unique opportunity to communicate your perspective and potentially influence the next cycle of software development, ensuring you get the user experience you need from PC-DMIS.

All this and much more is in store for attendees. Learn more about the PC-DMIS sessions available on the online conference catalogue, and visit the HxGN LIVE website to explore the event in full. Register before Monday 29 April for the Act Fast Rate of $849.

Watch the video below to see what past attendees have to say about the Users’ Group Meeting.


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