Make it Smarter podcast: how to leverage data from start to finish in product development

When we in the industry talk about digital transformation and automation, the conversation often focuses on technologies and pain points. This is obviously important, but first manufacturers need to identify where transformation and data-driven insights are going to deliver the most value.

This will vary across organisations, depending on their business objectives, KPIs, processes and other factors. Fundamentally it means taking a deep look across departments and assessing where the value lies. But making informed decisions here relies on data that offers end-to-end insights.

In this podcast, Steve Starner, Vice President of Integrated Solutions, Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, explains the fundamentals of getting the most out of your cross-departmental data for change that delivers the best ROI.

Listen to the podcast to learn about:

  • The importance and value of reducing data silos
  • How to identify where you will get the most value from data-driven insights
  • Aligning the push for data connectivity and automation with major business metrics and KPIs
  • How to connect data and insights across departments for wider organisational improvement
  • A real-world example of how Hexagon helped an aerospace manufacturer develop a greater ROI opportunity in its automation strategy

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  • Kyle Pheland

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