Maintaining Your Measuring Equipment: Building Future Flexibility into CMM Retrofits

The previous blog of this series explored how a retrofit or upgrade can effectively revitalise your coordinate measuring machine (CMM). Here, I’ll be looking at how to get the most out of a retrofit by making it future-proof.

Compare today’s top-end smartphone with one from five years ago and it’s clear just how quickly processing speeds and application performance are progressing.

Advances in the electronics and software industries have also improved the speed, efficiency and usability of measurement machines. But unlike a smartphone a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is built to last for decades. No business replaces a CMM lightly.

That’s why at Status metrology Solutions we work with our customers to extend the life of older, non-Hexagon CMMs by retrofitting some, or all, of their software and electronics. Established in 1982 to provide and fully support CMMs, we’ve been official supply partners of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence since 1999.

While Hexagon retrofits our base of Hexagon-brand CMMs, we are experts in retrofitting all makes of non-Hexagon CMMs. But given the importance of the CMM controller and associated software in ensuring effective measurement and data collection in real time, we always upgrade using Hexagon’s industry-leading RC retrofit controllers and PC-DMIS software.

The RC line of retrofit controllers gives CMM users access to a full range of touch trigger, tactile scanning, and contactless measurement applications. It also enables them to upgrade to I++ Simulator software so they can use their CMM and controller to perform virtual coordinate measurement, simulate the entire inspection process, and visualise it in 3D.

Meanwhile PC-DMIS combines a highly intuitive interface with the metrology industry’s most advanced functionalities. Hexagon’s development teams regularly upgrade PC-DMIS to ensure its users stay competitive by having the most effective tools available for capturing and analysing measurement data and deploying it across the production cycle.

By retrofitting CMMs with Hexagon’s RC controllers and PC-DMIS software we make it simpler and more affordable for our customers to train and hire operators, increase automation, and continue to adapt their existing CMMs to changing manufacturing demands. In addition to being easy to operate, the RC controllers are compatible with the majority of CMMs from all manufacturers.

Such are the benefits of having high-performance metrology software and full support that increasingly companies ask us to replace the controllers and software of their newer CMMs with Hexagon’s RC Controllers and PC-DMIS. Our retrofits can also include scales, motors and an upgrade of the jogbox to the ergonomically-designed Next Jogbox (NJB).

Watch our webinar to discover why businesses are improving productivity and securing a better return on investment by retrofitting their CMMs.

The next blog of this series will look at Hexagon’s process for servicing portable measuring arms and how it can benefit your Absolute Arm.


  • Richard Newhouse

    Richard Newhouse is Sales and Marketing Director at Status Metrology Solutions Ltd, a long-term non-group official UK service partner of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence since 1999. Bringing a wealth of sales and operations experience, Richard joined Status Metrology in 2016, starting as a Service Manager before moving into his current role.

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