I’m running for those who can’t: Hexagon employees explain why they join the Wings for Life World Run

Since 2004, Wings for Life has been funding world-class spinal cord research. Today, a spinal cord injury can change someone’s life permanently, and the organisation’s mission is to make such injuries curable.

One of the main events in the charity’s fundraising calendar is the Wings for Life World Run. In this innovative event, ‘the finish line catches you.’ Here’s how it works: runners either join the starting line at one of the many worldwide race locations or download the World Run app. At 11 am UTC, everyone starts the race. After 30 minutes, the ‘Catcher Car’ sets off, getting increasingly faster. Your race ends once the car has passed you.

The beauty of the event is that you can participate at your own pace and your own distance goals.

Wings for Life has been the global charity partner of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division for a number of years, and our employees all around the world participate every year. Below, you can hear from some of this year’s participants and why they are joining the 2021 Wings for Life World Run.

Esther Lee – Customer Order Executive, Singapore

I like WFL because it brings me together with my colleagues. Team Hexagon means we are able to run together all over the world, at the same time. It is really unique. I love working with my team in my day to day, and enjoy working as a team within this event too. Travelling as far as possible, all together.

Melissa Schenk ­– HR Manager, Switzerland

Why do I sign up for the event? Well definitely not because I like jogging! It’s a great team event where we get together months before to practice and have a good laugh together at the event itself. Knowing it’s for such a good cause, makes me want to join in every year and help to raise money for spinal cord research.

Daniel Schroepfer – Director of Applications, Germany

Why do I run…? The running bible describes it perfectly, “Sometimes we don’t run to win races or to go places. Sometimes we run to escape, to find peace and be free!” I had to turn 40 to discover the sport and find the passion for running in me, but it’s now been two years and I’m still enjoying it.

I join the World Run because I like the idea behind it; Helping people who cannot run. It is a pleasure to run with people all around the world, especially with the wonderful Hexagon community. I’m seriously proud to be a part of it.

Sascha Berwanger – Mechanical Engineer, Germany

In May I will take part in this event for the second time. For me it is an easy way to help people who are worse off than me. All you have to do is run, whether you are running 3 km or 25 km, everyone can help. The fact that all runners all over the world start at the same time with the same goal gives you an extra boost. As a nice side effect, you also stay healthy and fit.


Markus Maurer – Technical Editor, Germany

Although I have never been a passionate runner but more an enthusiastic mountain biker, I signed up for Wings for Life in 2019 when three colleagues and I decided to participate in the flagship run in Munich. It was such a great experience: people all over the world started to run at the exact same time and not with the intention of gathering fame, but to do just something great and collect donations for a not-for-profit spinal cord research foundation.

Even in these challenging times of COVID-19, you can make your contribution by using the WFL app and running on your own. If you want to do something great, grab your shoes and meet with team Hexagon at Wings for Life World Run 2021!

Why not join us at the Wings for Life World Run?


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