How To Execute Inspection Plans in Closed-Loop Manufacturing

After your organization has drafted and validated an inspection plan, the next step is to execute and monitor the process. With the industry transitioning from manual production to Industry 4.0-inspired automated workflows, new developments that optimize workflows are ready to streamline your operation. These new capabilities enable you to simplify complex processes. These developments are aimed to deliver seamless execution of the inspection planfor operators, while providing quality managers with a method of monitoring their inspection systems remotely ensuring continuous operation.

In this webinar, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s Technology Expert Jonathan O’Hare takes you through new developments that help simplify the execution of inspection plans, making for efficient and reliable production.

By watching this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The importance of simplified execution in a closed-loop manufacturing system
  • PC-DMIS software tools for inspection plan execution
  • Software tools for monitoring inspection plan execution 

View this second webinar and learn the secrets for achieving operational efficiency in closed-loop manufacturing.

To view the first PC-DMIS webinar, click here.

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