Eliminating uncertainties from your quality department

We have faced three years of rapid change, Tiger King, working from home, toilet paper shortages, and not knowing what was happening from one day to the next. We saw economic shutdowns, major biotech progress, and high product demand, coupled with major supply change issues. The covid pandemic may feel like a bad memory, but our world is still catching up from the whirlwind change and adjusting to a new norm.

Uncertainty continues to increase for manufacturers

Recovering from the combination of events of the last two years has left manufacturers looking for new ways to meet the growing demand for products and looking at supply chain issues as a reason for price increases. Now, with current inflation reaching a peak of 9.1%, we are all affected with price increases becoming noticeable in every industry and segment. Coupled with this, finding skilled employees and increased labour expenses mean that cost-effective choices are at the forefront of our customers’ minds.

How technology investment can eliminate risk for manufacturers

A key investment for any manufacturer is their metrology hardware and software, and just as a car would need an oil change, air in the tyres, or new wiper fluid — these will eventually need maintenance. Metrology devices are purchased with an expected usage life of 10 or more years, so keeping these devices in good health is key. It can help lessen ownership costs and eliminate unnecessary downtime, ensuring the results the device provides are completely accurate.

Hexagon’s MyCare subscription solution for US users

With this in mind, Hexagon developed MyCare, a subscription-based service for US-based customers, offering designed to keep costs low and enhance productivity, while reducing unnecessary downtime. This subscription offers several different levels of coverage to fit your needs and budget, all with the benefit of keeping your metrology device in good health and always in factory spec. You can eliminate cost uncertainty for years to come with multi-year subscription. This way, no matter what comes, your device is protected without any additional cost.

When MyCare takes care of your device, the benefits give your organisation the added value it needs. Take your quality department to the next level with built-in benefits aimed toward building a better knowledge base, from discounts on in-person and remote training to a free seat on Hexagon’s Learning platform. MyCare benefits provide you with built-in discounts on programming and inspection support so you can grow your business with peace of mind. Why wait when you can take your metrology department to the next level now?

Work smarter! Now is the time to get your multi-year contract and get peace of mind for the years to come.

If you’re not based in the US, contact your local Hexagon team to see how we can support you in your location.

Learn more about Hexagon MyCare Program


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