How easy-to-use systems make CMM operations smarter

Smarter manufacturing isn’t simply a matter of automating existing processes. It’s about taking steps to enable better informed decisions that improve product design, quality and throughput. Each manufacturer’s approach will be different, shaped by their starting point, their strategy and the competitiveness of their industry. But whatever their approach their projects will only succeed if they are easy to implement and use.

Ideally a CMM tool should have an intuitive user interface that operators can quickly master regardless of their level of experience. Most of us use smart, connected devices such as phones and watches to access sophisticated data and perform tasks, without any specialist technology knowledge. The challenge is to bring similar levels of ease-of use to an industrial environment without sacrificing security, performance and precision.

That’s why Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has been innovating to simplify how operators use and navigate data-rich metrology systems, making it possible to understand in a glance what action needs to be taken. All the while ensuring the accuracy, robustness and data integrity that is essential for industrial tools and systems. PULSE is a recent example of our success. It uses sensors to capture vital statistics about changes to a CMM’s environment that might affect its performance, such as shifts in temperature, humidity or vibrations, keeping CMM operators informed via an easy-to-navigate central dashboard.

Now Hexagon has launched EYE-D. Like PULSE, it has an intuitive interface and works with CMMs to facilitate smarter inspection and increase automation, freeing up operators of all levels of experience to take on a greater breadth of tasks. An automated part recognition and alignment tool, EYE-D simplifies the identification and alignment of parts as well as launching the measurement routine. Equipped with an industrial 4K camera, EYE-D gets to work once the operator has placed the part on the CMM. It begins by recognising the object and then automatically aligns it for measurement by a CMM. Its graphical interface is so simple and intuitive that even new CMM users can deploy it to run repeatable measurement routines with minimal training. And because its industrial camera captures positioning and alignment data that can be integrated into wider collaborative software systems, EYE-D enables manufacturers to enrich analysis of the entire manufacturing and quality control process. The result is a more efficient system that helps shorten cycle times without impacting precision and accuracy.

To learn more about this game-changing technology, visit the EYE-D product pageContact your local Hexagon representative to learn more about optimising metrology skills and increasing efficiency.


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