Experts Desk December 2016

1. The OptoCat software for the AICON 3D Optical Scanners enhances your efficiency by including “Automatic contour matching” so you can scan parts without the need to apply any type of targets or stickers to align one scan to the next.

2. Every AICON 3D Optical scanner is actually 3 scanners in one because you can scan using the triangulation angle between the two cameras, the angle between the left camera and the projector, and the angle between the right camera and the projector.

3. ROMER arms require no warm up time if you have an established wireless link to the laptop you are using to collect scanning data.

Leica AT960-LR_Robot_Cell4. The Leica T-Probe in combination with the Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 reduces the time necessary for inspection tasks by up to 60% over traditional 3D laser trackers, based on the Horizontal Stabilizer rib tool inspection report from a leading aerospace OEM.

5. The Leica Absolute Scanner LAS-20-8 provides expert-level results with minimal training, offering visual, acoustic and haptic indicators, battery power operation, and flying dot technologies that accelerate your manual inspection applications.

LargeJPGIMG5562 4 copy6. The BLAZE 600 includes a hybrid mode that uses both stereo vision and phase shift scanning techniques to leverage the strengths of each for excellent point cloud data.

7. The Integrated Solutions Business Group (ISBU) group can integrate any CMM in the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence product portfolio into an automated manufacturing work cell.

8. The 360° Flexible Measurement Cell (360° FMC) can be expanded in the field, to meet your production needs.

9. The ROMER 77 2.5 volume Absolute Arm provides 3D measurements as small as 17 microns.

10. The ROMER TubeShaper product provides a total solution for all measurement needs associated with tube, pipe and wire production — including production, inspection, reverse engineering and tube gauging operations.

11. Lucky 7’s: Hendrick Motorsport’s 48 Jimmie Johnson 7th NASCAR Sprint Cup Series victory and 28 Chase Elliott’s Rookie of the Year award were fueled by the Hendrick’s use of the ROMER 77 Absolute Arm, and their technology partnership with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.


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