ETQ Keynote: The value of quality in a disposable world

What’s the value of quality in a world where so much is disposable?

Why does quality matter, when it’s easier and cheaper to replace whole systems rather than repair them, or when global ecommerce giants offer refunds without return.

Why? Because quality creates. It creates growth, customer engagement, loyalty, reputation, sustainability and above all, value. It creates powerful, measurable value.

These are just some of the fascinating points raised by Vick Vaishnavi, CEO of ETQ, over in Las Vegas at HxGN Live 2023. Vick succeeded Rob Gremley back in January and he’s already proven to be a visionary leader, guiding ETQ into a new era of global growth.

ETQ is a leading provider of quality management, compliance and health and safety software. They have a global customer base spanning diverse industries from pharmaceuticals through to heavy industry. They have been part of Hexagon since February 2022.

In his superb keynote, Vick explains how quality, far from being a hurdle or stumbling block, empowers corporate agility and decision velocity. When Vick talks about quality management, he highlights the importance of the broadest possible viewpoint.

Vick talks about “lagging, leading, and predictive indicators”. Or to put it in more simple terms, he’s talking about hindsight, insight and foresight. Raising quality management from the shop floor to the top floor. Quality management can support business processes across the organisation – and data is the conduit that makes it all possible.

Watch the full keynote, including interviews with Tom Gee, IT Solutions Architect at Corning, Mary Vandevoort, Senior Program Manager at Ecolab, and Ben Bollenbacher, Director of Supply Chain Digital Capabilities at Kimberly-Clark.

Watch the ETQ keynote here, or access the full on demand video library here.



  • Richard Baldwin

    Richard Baldwin is a global copywriter at Hexagon. He's spent 10 years in marketing departments in the UK and South America, with a focus on manufacturing companies. He holds a Pgrad Dip. from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and an MA Eng. Lit.

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