Enhancing Flexibility with the New Optiv Performance 322

In modern manufacturing, the rate of progress is accelerating evermore quickly, and one of the most empowering things we at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence do for our customers is provide solutions that give users the flexibility to adapt to changing needs and measuring requirements.

Hexagon’s range of multisensor coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) is all about offering users maximum flexibility, and the new Optiv Performance 322, released this week, combines this flexibility with a small footprint and upgradability of unparalleled convenience and simplicity.

Building on the continuously optimised components of our Optiv Performance 443 and 663/664 models, the Optiv Performance 322 is available in an entry-level, vision-only configuration and equipped with future-ready pre-cabling to enable easy in-field upgrades, turning the machine into a complete 3D multisensor solution. This allows customers to adapt measuring routines with a variety of upgrade possibilities, such as:

With the design of the Optiv Performance 322, we’ve focused on optimising flexibility and customisability so that we can provide customers with a single machine capable of completing complex measurement tasks. This reduces customer need for multiple CMMs in the inspection area, where the machine will take up the minimum amount of space – weighing 180 kg, the machine can be placed directly on an existing workbench. For its size, the machine is also relatively mobile, allowing it to be relocated without requiring recalibration by a Hexagon technician.

With the help of its sturdy stiff frame and granite construction, the ISO 10360 standard-compliant machine also offers exemplary accuracy at both high speed (300 mm/s) and acceleration (500 mm/s2). This capability for high speed, combined with its flexibility, positions the machine as an ideal CMM for a variety of measurement applications, from sheet metal stampings, through plastic injection moulded parts and advanced dimensional measurement of non-geometric shapes, to precision-machined components in the medical industry.

To help customers fully leverage synergies across production, we have equipped the machine with PC-DMIS, software commonly deployed across a variety of metrology equipment.

The Optiv Performance 322 presents exciting new opportunities for measuring flexibility with a machine whose size, software, and technology capabilities make it ready to be integrated into the productionworkflow to start driving throughput. To find out more about the new face of convenient customisation in multisensor and optical systems, view the Optiv Performanceproduct page.


  • Marc Stalker

    Marc Stalker is a Service and Support Manager at Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division, responsible for the technical aspects of service and support for CMMs. Marc has been with Hexagon for 25 years, joining the company as an applications engineer and most recently serving as Strategic Product Manager for CMM products.

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