Employee Spotlight – Susan Algeo

How did you get into this line of work?
Mycareer grew from education and business experience in corporate risk management and law. I worked as the Corporate Risk Manager for a specialty healthcare provider. After law school I was counsel at a firm in Boston and then worked for a major player in the toy industry supporting the operational and creative sides of the company. Along came an opportunity to assist Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, then known as Hexagon metrology, with contract management for sales and operations and I was introduced to the world of precision measuring equipment, software and manufacturing solutions.

Susan-Algeo-Employee-SpotlightWhat does your day to day look like at Hexagon?
The common denominator among my four principal roles throughout my career is the fact that no two days have ever been (or willbe) exactly alike. The matters addressed vary each and every day from customer to customer, both internally and externally, whether corporate, commercial or government-related in nature. My primary focus is to support commercial operationsin legal compliance, with the greatest demand being the need to review, negotiate, and establish terms and conditions with our customers and their legal counsel to govern the wide spectrum of products, software and services we provide, whether on a corporate procurement level or on a transactional basis. Ancillary requirements include the review of confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements, requests for proposals, government solicitations and specifications, and license agreements. I support the service side of the house with similar customer agreements and demands connected with site services, training, company certifications, insurance, OSHA, and environmental, health and safety qualifications. The diversityof my role further expands with managing corporate needs for consulting services agreements, equipment lease agreements, financing arrangements, reseller agreements, special profile projects, marketing and trade promotions, and anything else needed while supporting Collin Webb, Assistant General Counsel. Together our overriding goal is to protect the best interests of the company.

What are your future goals? 
My goal is to continue toraise the standards of professionalism and business acumen with which we respond to and manage customer expectations.

What do you do for fun outside of working at Hexagon? 

When given the choice andopportunity, I can be found ocean-side swimming, snorkeling, and shelling; skiing, biking, hiking, gardening, and doing a hundred other things alongside family and friends.

What is something that most people don’t know about you?
Only that which they haven’t asked!


  • April Guenet

    April Guenet is a Product Marketing Manager for Bridge and Shop-Floor CMMs at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence located in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. Guenet has written numerous articles and blog entries for both technical and nontechnical industries. Before joining Hexagon, she served as a marketing coordinator for a global analytical instrumentation manufacturer with experience in marketing, social media management, public relations, and digital marketing. Guenet holds a Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Marketing Communications from Johnson & Wales University.

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