Driving Productivity with metrology-Assisted Assembly

A significant driver of productivity in large-scale assembly is the ability to compare inspection results of various component parts in real-time, enabling manufacturers to check specifications are met, components will fit together, and to driveproactive rather than reactive corrective measures. 

This video explores how SpatialAnalyzer (SA) metrology and analysis software integrates data across multiple measuring systems to help manufacturers improve accuracy, save time, and reduce wastage of resources. Capable of communicating with Hexagon’s range of portable measuring machines, SpatialAnalyzer streamlines virtual assembly of components by providing 3D graphical interfacing that caters for a wide variety of CAD formats and enhances the user’s ability to inspect to GD&T standards with real-time reporting. 

Watch the video to discover more about SpatialAnalyzer and how it helped Boeing Commercial Airplanes reduce the assembly time of a fully-composite aircraft from one week to a few days.


  • Ignacio Blanco

    Ignacio Blanco is Product Marketing Manager for HxGN SFx Smart Factory solutions. Before joining Hexagon, Ignacio managed his own marketing agency in Prague and was Head of the Technology Section for a national newspaper in Spain. He holds a degree in Information Sciences, a Diploma in Law, and a Master’s in Marketing.

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