Channel Partner’s Corner: Amrikart

Headquartered in the Brossard municipality of Quebec, Canada, Amrikart is a laser tracker solutions specialist building custom interfaces for industries such as aerospace, automotive, defense and more. The team at Amrikart utilizes Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence technologies such as the ROMER Absolute Arm, the latest in Leica Absolute Tracker systems, 3D Optical Scanners plus SpatialAnalyzer and PC-DMIS inspection software. Amrikart specializes in a growing branch of metrology: high-precision dimensional measurement. Their solutions are designed to optimize the manufacture and assembly of large-scale products in the fields of aviation, aerospace, defense, transportation, hydro power and energy. Amrikart has cultivated a strong reputation for designing and implementing of real-time metrology-assisted assembly solutions. To meet the increasing quality service needs, Amrikart maintains a Quality Management System per ISO-9001:2008, and is in the process to upgrade to ISO-9001:2015 within the next few months.

A specific area of expertise at Amrikart is dimensional inspection services. Using ROMER Absolute Arms and Leica Absolute Trackers along with a range of other systems and appropriate accessories (including the Leica T-Probe and the Leica T-Scan), the team can perform a wide array of inspections ranging from measuring critical points on structures to scanning a complete assembly. Some projects the Amrikart team have provided these services for include tooling, complex structures, landing gear, aircraft motors, composite designs, and small, medium and large part dimensional inspections. Manufacturers benefit from the scanning technology and engineering excellence by realizing savings in tooling, resources, certification and capital equipment expenditures. With the ability to reduce bottlenecks in customer’s inspection departments, Amrikart adds value to projects by providing clear, comprehensive inspection reports. In addition, the organization offers free pickup and delivery in the Montreal area for components up to 1 m x 1 m x 2 m.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is excited to have Amrikart as a strategic partner in the Quebec region of Canada. Offering a powerful combination of world class talent and the best measurement available today, the partnershipis poised to serve the growing advanced manufacturing marketplace in Canada.


  • David Hill

    David Hill is the Canadian Sales Manager for Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. David started his career with Hexagon in September 2012 focusing on non-contact blue light measurement. With over 15 years of industrial experience, David has gained industry knowledge based on his exposure to all levels of measurement systems and their respective software platforms. His extensive background knowledge using blue light technology in process and die development, slow builds and root cause analysis led him to his new role at Hexagon, providing best-in-class manufacturing solutions to Canadian companies.

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