Author : Erik Joseffson

Erik Joseffson

Erik Josefsson is the CEO and co-founder of R-evolution, the sustainable business innovation and investment subsidiary of Hexagon AB. R-evolution harnesses cutting-edge technologies from Hexagon and its partner ecosystem to expedite the global transition to a sustainable economy. Presently, R-evolution oversees diverse projects worldwide, including solar PV production in Spain, Green Hydrogen initiatives in Australia, and Blue Carbon mapping in The Bahamas. Before affiliating with Hexagon, Josefsson held the position of Head of Advanced Industries at Ericsson. In this role, he orchestrated the provision of global Industrial IoT and 5G solutions for the manufacturing and process sectors. With a strong affinity for global technology, Josefsson has cultivated experience through educational and professional pursuits in Sweden, Malaysia, China, and the USA. His background includes driving substantial cross-domain product development and expanding global enterprises. Based in Stockholm, Erik is an integral part of Hexagon AB's extended executive leadership, reporting directly to the group CEO.

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