An important stop in your search for ‘smart’

When I speak to manufacturing industry professionals about the diverse technology portfolio of Hexagon’s many divisions, many ask me what value it can offer to them. I tell them that the value comes from the ability to step outside your own technology comfort zone, expand your mindset and approach problems from a different angle. And I think the same can be said about HxGN LIVE, our annual conference.

The real value of HxGN LIVE is the opportunity to experience the complete technology power of all Hexagon’s divisions at one event – and meet people from across the industry spectrum. It’s a unique audience and offers great insight into how our technologies come together to make a difference.

Visitors toHxGN LIVE this year can expect to see more innovations around our Smart X portfolio. Technology is starting to reach the maturity level required to achieve our vision of autonomous connected ecosystems; for manufacturing this means the Smart Factory. However, we also recognise that many companies are finding it difficult to begin their digital transformation. An event like HxGN LIVE can help with the mindset shift required to benefit from the next great technological leap. But it’s also an event that offers you practical solutions on how to get started now and build step-by-step towards your Smart Factory.

The Manufacturing Intelligence track will again feature subtracks for those focused on design and engineering, production and metrology, as well as plenary presentations to demonstrate the value of converging data from all three fields. Using data to break down the traditional silos in manufacturing is a really powerful prospect and I look forward to showing some new solutions in this area. We’ll also bring a segment flavour to the breakout sessions with some engaging presentations for automotive and aerospace professionals. There are some fantastic customer speakers lined up to give their views on the state of manufacturing and share successes. Our very popular software training sessions return as well – make sure you register early as they’re sure to book up quickly!

Of course, I’m also looking forward to the keynote programme. Without giving too much away, the Manufacturing Intelligence track keynote this year will focus on finding the ‘smart’ in what you’re doing today and offer new ideas on how you can make it smarter. Intrigued? Join me in the Venetian Ballroom on Wednesday 12 June at 1:30 p.m. to find out more.

With all this going on,it’s hard to pick a highlight, but if pushed I’d say the best thing about HxGN LIVE is the networking. For four days, you can spend quality time with customers and experts from manufacturing and beyond. The chance to discuss, learn, share and spark new ideas is truly unparalleled. I’m very pleased that we again welcome our Manufacturing Leadership Summit and Customer Advisory Board delegates on the opening day of the event, giving even more opportunities for positive and open conversation. Plus, we have some impressive evening events planned too, so make sure they’re on your agenda.

Speaking of the agenda; my top tip for navigating HxGN LIVE is to look out for the conference app and plan your week there. You can see everything that’s going on, check the room locations and make sure you don’t miss a session during your search for ‘smart.’

I look forward to seeing you in LasVegas!

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  • Norbert Hanke

    Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence President Norbert Hanke, who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, served the role of Financial Director at Brown & Sharpe prior to joining Hexagon in 2001. Additionally, Hanke previously held several positions within Kloeckner Group.

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