AICON Scanners: Broad Product Portfolio for 3D Digitisation

From smallest injector nozzles to meter high building structures – the range of three-dimensional digitisation with the AICON Scanners is wide. The systems allow for an effective and affordable measuring performance, e.g. for surface inspection of sheet metal parts or deformation analysis of gear components.

Our latest development are AICON StereoScan neo and AICON PrimeScan.

The AICON PrimeScan is the attractive entry-level solution for highly precise 3D digitisation of industrial components. Due to its compact design and short working distance, it is especially for applications under cramped spatial conditions. Fixed configurations with different resolutions and measuring fields are available and offer the right solution for every measuring task.

The SWYM technology of the AICON StereoScan neo provides the user with very new possibilities during the workflow, e.g. in the tooling and molding industry or in model making. It is now possible for the first time to visualise the results of a measurement directly on the object: “See What You Measure”. Necessary corrections can be made right away.

The AICON StereoScan neo has been awarded: It came second at the “Industriepreis 2016”, tendered by Huber publishers. The 3D scanner won out over various competitors in the “Optical Technologies” category. The industry award honors particularly progressive companies and their innovative products.


  • Wibke Dose

    Wibke Dose is a member of the AICON marketing team in Braunschweig, Germany. As a writer and communications specialist, she is responsible for various types of content. Before joining Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, Wibke worked as a radio journalist.

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