Ultra-high accuracy CMM team supports remote QUINDOS users with offline productivity benefits

Having to work from home has brought real changes to the ways we collaborate with our customers. Not all of them are positive – nothing beats being able to go onsite to help a customer improve their processes, find solutions, or to provide them with training. But at the same time some of our initiatives have helped our customers put in place productivity benefits that will continue once everyone returns to their usual workplaces.

As part of the team that supports manufacturers using ultra-high accuracy (UHA) CMMs, I value the very close working relationship we develop with our customers. It was clear one of the issues they face is using QUINDOS software to work remotely.

QUINDOS users tend to be practical and knowledgeable, using bespoke configurations of the software’s modules to inspect complex parts such as automotive gears. The large majority of QUINDOS users also programme online, directly on the machine undertaking the measurement. However, as part of measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, they are no longer all going onsite every day.

Given that QUINDOS users cannot take a CMM home or remotely access the physical part they are trying to model, it was imperative to help them programme offline using a CAD model. Our first step was to make sure QUNIDOS customers had access to offline licences. In parallel we also created a series of webinars to help them set up and work effectively offline.

One of the upsides is that people now better appreciate the productivity benefits that come from programming with QUINDOS offline. Typically, reserving machine use for inspection rather than programming frees up 50% of machine time. Working with a CAD model also speeds up the workflow; for example, when it comes to inspecting prismatic parts, entire measurement routines can be extracted from the CAD surfaces. In addition, many people are also taking the time to explore offline the capabilities of QUNIDOS beyond what they routinely use, allowing them to learn and make use of new functions.

Watch the first of our webinars to find out more about using QUNIDOS offline:

1. Requesting, setting up and using your remote QUINDOS seat
2. Exploring the benefits of the new look and feel of QUINDOS 2020 


  • Chris Ivory

    Chris Ivory is the Technical Sales Manager for Ultra-High Accuracy and Special Geometry at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence in the UK. He joined Hexagon in 2010 having spent over 20 years in mechanical engineering and metrology. Initially he was an Area Sales Manager for the UK Midlands, before moving to this national role specialising in complex applications and their solutions.

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