Three-Dimensional Library with Maya Findings

The manifold culture of the Maya and the Rosalila Temple in Copan (Honduras) is subject of the book “Protecting Sacred Space”. The publication focuses on extraordinarily formed cherts and bifaces (6 AD). Now, as addition to this work, a three-dimensional library is available online, where you can view 12 scanned artefacts in all details and access further explanation of the 3D models.

The non-contact scanning technology of the AICON SmartScan preserves the fragile originals and captures even their smallest characteristics. This considerably facilitates the measurement and research of these artefacts rich in detail. Inaddition, the models can be used for producing physical replicas with 3D printing as well as for embedding the data in 3D PDF documents.

Alexandre Tokovinine, associate professor at the department of Anthropology at the University of Alabama (USA), is excited about the possibilities that the AICON SmartScan provides him for his research:

“This is the case when the scanner really made a difference. It would have been impossible to document these fragile artifacts without the scans. And it is great to have the models publicly accessible at long last!”

Click here to open the 3D library and explanations.


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