The Benefits of an Automotive Quality Management System

Automotive quality management is a formal system that’s designed to ensure that a company’s products and processes meet both consumer and regulatory requirements, and are as efficient and effective as possible. It is a system focused on risk mitigation, constant improvement and compliance, and with its proper implementation, companies regularly meet the expectations of their consumers and carry out their manufacturing processes with minimalwasted resources.

A solid quality management system is essential for automotive manufacturers. Because it ensures the production of superior products that meet performance, reliability and durability standards, it establishes a reputation for quality that gives organizations a strong competitive advantage. This is linked to a number of other benefits, including increased sales and customer satisfaction. In addition, a manufacturing process focused on quality leads to far fewer defects, which eliminates the costly fallout associated with recalls and defective products. This is particularly important in the automotive industry, where a defect could result in deaths, lawsuits and the need to repair and replace the problem part for all affected consumers.

And finally, quality management processes are known for driving efficiency. When a company is focused on continually improving quality at every opportunity, waste and activities that do not add value are simultaneously eliminated. This establishes a lean environment that eradicates unnecessary work and costs associated with waste and repairs. The more efficient a company’s processes are, the better theprofits for each product because of reduced customer support and warranty costs. All of these improvements ultimately free up management’s time, so that they can focus their resources on the critical tasks of increasing production, expanding their product line and bettering their existing offerings.

By improving quality, automotive quality management systems have the potential to impact every area of an organization – from the production process to the bottom line. As such, these systems are essential as automotive manufacturers work towards winning over consumers, avoiding costly mistakes and establishing market leadership.


  • James Rawstron

    James Rawstron is a Senior Marketing Specialist at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence North America, located in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. Rawstron has 20 years of marketing communications experience in the software, high tech, industrial, advanced manufacturing machinery and medical device markets. He has written numerous articles for B2B publications, including blogs for a variety of industries. Prior to joining Hexagon, Rawstron served as a web marketing professional at IBM and a Marketing Manager at Vector Software. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and European History from Union College of Schenectady, New York.

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