Technology showcases and PC-DMIS Users’ Group at HxGN LIVE Smart Manufacturing Day

On 17 October, we welcomed 90 manufacturing professionals to our New England Solution Center in Rhode Island, U.S, for a day of networking, problem-solving, and demonstrations of Hexagon’s smart manufacturing solutions.

From the get-go, the conversations over breakfast set the tone and atmosphere for a day of collaborative and innovative thinking, which led nicely into the day’s keynote address from Dr. David M. Dooley, President of the University of Rhode Island.

Dr. Dooley explored the rapid growth of the College of Engineering at the university and its relationship with local manufacturers, including actively partnering to create internships and apprenticeships. He also discussed the recent opening of the university’s Fascitelli Center for Advanced Engineering, the largest construction project in the university’s history.

The new center provides opportunities for students and researchers in a range of disciplines, driving innovation in areas from robotics, through medical, to energy. What’s more, the Fascitelli Center is designed to facilitate interdisciplinary research with oceanography, computer science, business, and pharmacy, as well as collaboration with companies around the world.

Next up, the PC-DMIS Users’ Group gave users the chance to get first-hand knowledge about some of the latest features of the software and how they can get the most out of these new capabilities. This included an introduction to the enhanced Home Page, offering faster access to favorited and recent routines, as well as PC-DMIS news and tips; and Ring Light Migration, which enables users to quickly and easily transfer routines from one CMM to another.

A major focus was the feature Protect, introduced in PC-DMIS R1 2019. This enables users to track and control changes to any routines, helping with tighter process control, repeatability, and potentially supporting customers in their accreditations or certifications according to specific industry standards.

After lunch and an opportunity for everyone to discuss all the insights they’d gained so far, attendees gathered for the Hexagon Technology showcase, with group demonstrations of Hexagon’s industry-leading hardware and software. Attendees got hands-on experience of a range of solutions, including the Enhanced Productivity Series (EPS) GLOBAL S CMM, designed to enable manufacturers to target their specific productivity drivers; the high-precision 3D digitalization tool AICON PrimeScan; and Hexagon’s range of design and engineering software and production software.

The day ended with an invigorating Metrology Masters session. As well as an opportunity to network, this gave attendees the chance to get expert advice on specific measurement challenges by bringing in parts and components that they are struggling with. This is one of the unique opportunities at these events not only can you access some of Hexagon’s expert developers, you can also surround yourself with a range of experienced and insightful professionals with different perspectives and ideas.

After such a great event, I’m sure I’m not the only one who left inspired at the state of manufacturing today and looks forward to seeing how much smarter we’ve all made manufacturing when we come together again.


  • Kyle Pheland

    Kyle Pheland is the Marketing Promotions Specialist for Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, North America. Pheland is responsible for the development and execution of marketing and advertising materials including product promotions, public relations activities, media advertising, customer communications, social media, web content, email marketing, sales tools and events for North America. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Salve Regina University.

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