Six Ways the RS5 Laser Scanner Helps Manufacturers Save Time

While efficient, some laser scanners can be a hassle to install, often require long wait times during warm up and may need to be calibrated multiple times. Together, these processes can take between 40 and 70 minutes. That means manufacturers can lose approximately 8-15% of an 8-hour shift due to idle time alone.

To regain that lost time, laser scanners need to be fast, efficient, and accurate. Armed with the RS5 Laser Scanner for the all-new Absolute Arm 7-Axis, manufacturers can overcome these issues.

Here are six ways the RS5 Laser Scanner can help you reduce costs, improve measurement flexibility and provide a better response to customers.

  1. Eliminate Idle Time: The RS5 scanner can be removed and remounted without the need for recalibration – thanks to its completely repeatable mounting, you just clip it back into place and continue 3D scanning immediately. Likewise, the plug and play Absolute Arm requires no warm-up, increasing your up time. Other portable measuring systems typically require a minimum of 30 minutes to one hour of warm-up time to stabilize prior to taking measurements.
  2. Increased Throughput: Users can benefit from a 115 mm wide scan line that can collect up to 752 000 data points per second. A wider laser line means less scan passes are needed to ‘cover’ the part being measured. Less scan passes means less time spent measuring.MediumJPGRS5 WristScanning
  3. Easier Operational Efficiency: Designed for lightness and usability, the 400-gram RS5 is a low-weight addition to the Absolute Arm that makes 3D digitization simple and easy to perform without additional user fatigue.
  4. Flexibility to Measure Anything, Anywhere: A key component of the configurable modular wrist of the Absolute Arm 7-Axis, the RS5 Laser Scanner works in harmony with a variety of grip options and touch measurement accessories to deliver unbeatable measurement flexibility. Remove the grip completely to measure hard-to-reach areas such as holes and cavities, or quickly switch between laser scanning and touch probing without interrupting the measurement process.
  5. Access Information Where It’s Needed Most: Through the LCD wrist display, the RS5 Laser Scanner allows for measurement feedback and setting adjustment at the point of measurement. Thanks to the Quick Access Menu, users can now toggle through scanner profiles and monitor measurement results without having to touch the computer.
  6. Certifiably Accurate: All Absolute Arms are delivered with fully traceable internationally recognized accuracy certifications, giving users complete confidence in the reliability of their measurements. Full scanning system accuracy is certified to the ISO 10360-8 Annex D standard when supplied with the RS5 Laser Scanner. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence provides a Certificate of System Accuracy and a means of checking that accuracy in the field. A certified sphere artifact is supplied with every Absolute Arm scanning system.

According to metrology News, the cost of a typical manufacturing design cycle can be reduced by 75% by utilizing 3D scanning. However, manufacturers need a reliable and accurate scanner that can increase up time. With the Absolute Arm 7-Axis and RS5 Laser Scanner, users can simply put the arm into position, turn the unit on, and start scanning immediately. That means no waiting for warm up and no time lost to fiddly scanner calibrations – just high-quality point cloud data right out of the box. It’s a scanner that’s perfectly at home scanning almost any feature, in any environment.

To learn more about the all new RS5 Laser Scanner, visit our RS5 Laser Scanner product page.


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