Six key benefits of metrology software training

Using metrology software competently is key to proper use of measuring systems and ensuring the correctness of parts produced (which can obviously be highly expensive). What’s more, using metrology software skillfully can be a crucial differentiator for company productivity and competitiveness.

From online forums to guides, there are many resources out there for developing users’ metrology software proficiency. Here are six ways regular in-person metrology training benefits users and, in turn, their employers.

1. Keep Up with Evolving Software

They say learning is a continual process, and if you’re a seasoned metrology software user you’ll know this well! Considering how regularly software is updated, metrology software and its users are ideally in a synchronised process of continuous development.

Developers are always trying to find ways to help manufacturers be more productive and meet their customer demands, with improved usability, new functionalities, etc. Take our metrology software PC-DMIS. It’s upgraded twice a year, often featuring 30+ new features in the latest release.

This means more opportunities for manufacturers to improve their quality operations. But for these new opportunities to be converted into gains, it’s best if users are trained up on these new features to make the most of them.

2. Problem-Solve with Peers

Are there any software functionalitiesyou’re struggling with? Are there any application obstacles you’re not sure how to overcome?

As any visitor to the PC-DMIS User Forum will know, using metrology software can raise a lot of questions. Particularly in smaller organisations, it can be difficult for users to get time with other professionals in their field to brainstorm ideas and tackle such challenges. Classroom-based metrology software training is an excellent opportunity to get questions like these answered and draw on the unique creativity of getting a group of engaged learners together in one place.

3. See Blind Spots

It’s one thing if you’re struggling with alignments or you encounter a scanning issue – you have an idea at least what the problem is and can ask for help.

But what if you don’t know what questions to ask?

Flexible metrology software like PC-DMIS can be used in many ways, offering many areas for improvement and greater efficiency. You might not know the software enables faster ways of measuring a truncated cone, for example. Or that there’s an easier way to change sample hit locations on a square slot.

Naturally, we all have blind spots, no matter how experienced we become.It’s in training sessions, when working with different people with different perspectives and ideas, that users uncover opportunities for improvement that might not have otherwise registered on their radar.

4. Get Expert Guidance

In classroom or on-site training, you don’t just benefit from the years of experience under a trainer’s belt. You’re getting support from qualified trainers who understand the challenges of learning to use software and the practice it can take to become confident.

There’s a lot of information to take in for anyone new to quality or who’s suddenly been landed with the task of learning a metrology software (or the science of measurement itself!) from scratch. Besides technical considerations like calibrations and alignment, this kind of learning often requires a new mindset, new ways of thinking.

Sure users can pick up information in manuals and videos, but an empathetic, patient trainer is invaluable to their development and the subsequent assurance users can offer customers and colleagues.

5. Tailor Knowledge and Skills to Your Particular Needs

Typically in classroom-based training you’ll be working with the provider’s sample parts. If possible, taking your own part is even more useful (especially ifyou can take a print and the CAD model too).

Obviously all parts are different, but if you can choose a part that is fairly representative of what you’ll be working with you should be able to get more insights, tips andways of using the software that will enhance your particular needs.

Of course, training can be tailored to your organisation further with an in-house course.

6. Build on Strengths for Satisfaction and Profitability

In 2016, Gallup completed a study of a number of organisations that implemented management practices focused on encouraging employees’ strengths (as opposed to focusing on improving weaknesses). One of these practices was ‘strengths-based developmental coaching’.

On average, businesses that implemented these practices saw incredible benefits, including 14-29% increase in profit and 9-15% increase in engaged employees.

Employees benefit too when they focus on their strengths, leading to greater skills development, higher job satisfaction, and a range of well-being improvements, from being happier to less stressed.

If you’re already a competent software user, then training gives you more time to focus on obvious key strengths in your arsenal: your skills and expertise in metrology software. This is evidently better for business growth and employee development.

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division provides training for a range of metrology software, including PC-DMIS, QUINDOS, CoreView, SpatialAnalyzer and Inspire. Training can be on-site or at one of Hexagon’s learning centres. Plus a training curriculum can be developed for an organisation’s particular needs.

Visit our metrology training page to learn more about developing metrology software skills and expertise.

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    Sam O’Prey is responsible for sales and marketing for Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence metrology service and support business in the UK & Ireland. Sam joined the company in 2010 and has 14 years’ experience in digital and direct sales and marketing within the manufacturing and technology sectors, with an additional nine years’ experience as an engineering technician and manager within manufacturing and design.

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