Shaping Lives and shaping communities with Wings for Life

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” I suppose we can all relate to this statement in many ways from a personal sense, but how can large corporations like ourselves justify such a comment?

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division is in a unique position, where we are able to influence the world around us through the solutions we offer our customers. Sensing, thinking and acting is the way we describe our expertise and our approach to problem solving, but it also reflects how we all behave as human beings. We are constantly sensing things around us through our five senses, our body processes the information – thinking – both consciously and unconsciously, and then we act. And corporate social responsibility is about making a conscious decision to help the communities in which we operate.

Embracing the human approach

Corporate social responsibility is of vital importance to our business – not only are we shaping the future of smart manufacturing with our innovative products, but we are going further by helping communities to change lives around the world. As a global business, it’s important that we take an active role in benefiting local communities and enhancing the lives of others.

I, along with a number of colleagues from across the business, have been involved in some fantastic projects which have really ignited the passion and generosity within our colleagues and amplified the importance of corporate social responsibility. Giving employees the opportunity to give back to the community has led to improved team productivity, motivation and engagement.

The number of companies that are forging positive partnerships with charities and allowing their staff to volunteer with a particular charity or cause during working hours is increasing. At Hexagon, our offices around the world work with a variety of local charities and provide opportunities for our employees to fund raise and volunteer.

A partnership with a difference

Last year, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence changed its approach to corporate social responsibility by entering into a global charity partnership with spinal cord research foundation Wings for Life. Wings for Life is a non-profit foundation that funds life-changing research projects and clinical trials at renowned universities and institutes worldwide. One hundred percent of all donations go directly to cutting-edge spinal cord research projects around the globe. We first became aware of Wings for Life through our corporate partnership with Red Bull Racing and as a business, we decided this was a great cause and opportunity for Hexagon to help.

For the second time, Hexagon employees took part in the Wings for Life World Run. With 34 race locations across the globe, the run gave all of our employees a chance to get involved, wherever they live and work.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” I think it’s fair to say that as an evolving organisation, not only do we have the ability to make a life, we also have the ability to change a life by what we give back, and that’s something I think we should all be proud of.

Helping people and communities around the world through corporate social responsibility initiatives – now that’s shaping smart change.

For the latest on our partnership with Wings for Life, read our latest blog Celebrating 13 years of Wings for Life UK.


  • Carole Talbot

    Carole Talbot has been Head of Talent & Development for Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence since January 2013. She previously spent 17 years working in the investment banking industry in a number of global and regional training and development roles in the UK and in Singapore. Carole’s passions are her family and being able to make a difference working with others, no matter how small.

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