RS4 Laser Scanner: Same High Quality, Faster Than Ever

This March saw us launch the latest development in our portable measuring arm line of products. The new version of the ROMER Absolute Arm with Integrated Scanner (SI) features brand new RS4 scanner hardware, making this the most productive portable measuring arm in the world. With this technology we’re giving our customers access to a whole new level of high-quality data that can be collected more efficiently thanwith any other portable scanning tool on the market.

Every day our customers are encountering ever more challenging applications while facing the constant need to increase the efficiency of their quality processes. With the new RS4 laser scanner, they can scan almost any part, of almost any material, in almost no time at all. The high resolution and data quality the RS4 delivers has been clear to customers facing these challenges from day one, especially when it comes to evaluating mixed materials and different surface finishes. Already the feedback from our customers using the new technology has been extremely positive, with many surprised at just how quickly we’ve managed to progress the technology.

Customers in the automotive market will be more than familiar with such issues the fast and efficient evaluation of mixed materials and finishes on a single product are a challenge they face every day. We’re all well aware of the popularity of smooth and shiny surfaces with a nice touch and feel in our cars. Take a look over your own dashboard before the next time you drive; the range of surface finishes in modern cars is astonishing. From shiny to matte, smooth to textured, deep black to multi-coloured, plastics to aluminium to carbon composite, the materials that go into car interiors is extensive, often even within the same model.

RS4-Laser-Scanner-Blog-PostSuch variation is extremely difficult from a production standpoint, and is just as much so when it comes to comprehensively assessing for defects. While consumers love the finishes, it can be a real production bottleneck. It doesn’t matter how quickly your cars are being assembled if the speed of your quality team is limited by their assessment tools. Rising to this sort of challenge was firmly in our minds when we sat down to think about just what we wanted to offer users with the newest ROMER Absolute Arm SI.

Meeting this need for evaluating multi-material, multi-finish and multi-colour products without any need for surface preparation such as spraying has been a key feature of the ROMER Absolute Arm SI since its launch. Users can just put the arm into position, turn on and start scanning, no warm-up, no-calibration, just high-quality modelling data right out of the box. It’s a scanner that’s perfectly at home on almost any surface.

So retaining this market-leading multi-surface scanning capability while accelerating the measurement process speed is what was at the centre of our planning when we began developing the RS4 laser scanner. The result is that we’ve introduced a much wider laser line of up to 150 millimetres that can collect up to a massive 752,000 data points every second. The difference in speed that delivers is big – with the RS4 we’re talking about scanning the same part in 60 percent of the time previously needed. That’s a number that speaks for itself, and what it says is: huge production efficiency improvement.

And that’s what this RS4 upgrade is all about: the same portability, versatility and accuracy that the ROMER Absolute Arm with Integrated Scanner is known for, but now even better, faster and easier to use. Here at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence we call that quality driving productivity.


  • Stephan Amann

    Stephan Amann is the Business Director for the Portable Measuring Arms Product Line at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. With over two decades of experience in portable measuring arm sales, management and business development, @StephanAmann is a leading international expert in the portable metrology industry and a key contributor to the market-leading position of the ROMER Absolute Arm range.

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